• Hilaria Baldwin showed a flat stomach 12 days after giving birth

    Alec Baldwin's wife gave birth to four and did not recover at all.

    Looking at this girl, involuntarily you begin to think that witches exist. How else to explain that a mother of many children instantly returns to the form after each pregnancy. Hilaria is not shy about taking pictures of her body immediately after birth and capturing all the changes in the figure. The girl does not need to wait a year or six months to show herself in the underwear of a huge audience. She had 12 days since her fourth child was born, and she flashed a wasp waist.

    The son of Hilaria and Alec Romeo Alejandro, David Baldwin, was born on May 18, and on the 30th the girl took a picture of herself in the mirror and made a collage of photos in the current state. And from what they saw all came to the delight. It took less than two weeks for the belly of a large mother to turn from round to flat again! How is this possible?

    31 May 2018 at 10:14 pdt

    Hilaria said that she started training just a couple of days ago and is still without fanaticism, and she is using her younger son, shaking the press with him. The girl even recorded this video.

    Another mother of many children admitted that sometimes, when she was expecting a baby, it was very difficult for her to force herself to do, but she did it because she understood that the body needed to be in motion all the time, then there would be no problems with recovery. It's hard not to believe her words, because the photos speak for themselves.

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