• Homemade alcohol burner

    A homemade alcohol burner can be useful, say, fishing, hiking, in the woods. With it, you can heat food or boil water. It can also be used in other various experiments and experiments.
    It is not filled with alcohol with  soot andforeignsmell,andduetoitssmallsizeitcanfitalmostanywhere.
    Weneed: #1:Twoironcansfromunderanydrinks(ItookthecansofCoke).#2:WatNo.3:Somethingtocutthecans(Iusedscissors).No.4:Alcohol(90%andabove)Assembly:No.1:Drawonthebanks,the3.5cmlinefromthebottom:No.2:Cutthebanksalongtheline:No.3:Weputcottoninoneofthecans(itisbettertouseglasswool.Itdoesnotburndoesnotsmolderandbettermaintainshightemperatures):No.4:Combinebanks:No.5:Wepierceholeslikethis:No.6:Refuelwithalcohol.Allburnerisready!To ignite it, you need to heat the bottom with a cigarette lighter (or matches, I did alcohol) to make the alcohol evaporate and ignite!

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