• Homemade folding barbecue

    We all love spring, summer ... a time when you can go out of town with a family and friends for a picnic. But what kind of picnic without kebabs? Not always on that place where you will come, there will be a material for construction of a support under a skewer, a barbecue. Therefore, I decided to make a small, compact folding barbecue. There are many different types of barbecues on sale, but they cost differently ... My barbecue cost me a lot ...
     Homemade folding grill
     Homemade folding barbecue
     Homemade th folding barbecue
     Homemade folding barbecue
    All we need is this: 1. Steel bar 3m long with a diameter of 4mm-8mm 2. Galvanized sheet 1.5mm I used the old exterior window sills 3. Welding 4. Shears for metal or Bulgarian 5.Hammer
     Homemade folding grill

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