• How can hack page in "Classmates"?

    Today we will talk about methods of hacking pages on social networks. Well, it will specifically focus on the resource Odnoklassniki.ru. So:

    How can hack a page in Odnoklassniki?

    There are many ways to open your page. But first things first:

    • The most common way to hack social pages in our reality are phishing sites. What it is? First of all, I must say that it is almost impossible to fight with such hacking methods. "Phishing" (eng. Fishing) - fishing. The fraudster in the literal sense of the word "catches" the personal data of the user, such as a password, login and other attributes that will allow him to get on his page. And the most interesting is that in the course of a simple deception without the use of any virus or Trojans. The fraudulent scheme is simple: - you get on a phishing site, which pops up a message about hacking your page; - you click on the message and get to the page verysimilar to your profile in Odnoklassniki; - there you are asked to enter your username and password to enter your personal page; - after entering the data, your page falls into the hands of intruders, as this data went to them, and not to the site.
    • A Trojan program is another most well-known way to hack a page on a social network. Trojan is a virus that somehow gets into the victim's computer. To date, many hackers use a Trojan like SpyeEye. Actually, because of its effectiveness, the price of such a virus varies from one to several thousand dollars, which is inaccessible to many. That is why it is believed that Trojans are used on a global scale by large attackers to crack your page in classmates and other social resources.
    • Hacking with Brut is a very simple automated procedure. However, it does not work on complex passwords using underscores, capital letters, words are not literary, and the number of characters in the password exceeds seven characters. Brute Forcer is a program that selects all possible password and login options by selecting all known values. By the way, a password of 5 characters will require about 48 hours of work.That is why fraudsters resort to this method extremely rarely.
    • Hacking through the "secret question" can also be used without the use of any virus or specialized programs. What is the point? On most resources, as on Odnoklassniki, secret questions are standardized and have the same wording. Accordingly, any attacker who wants to access your information can easily find the answer to this question using the same Internet. It is enough to search for information about you in any suitable search engine and the answer to the secret question will be found. That is why this method of protecting personal data is very unreliable.

    The main idea of ​​this article is that our personal data is poorly protected, even on such serious resources as Odnoklassniki.ru. Therefore, the best protection of this data is your responsible attitude to your passwords and logins and the banal installation of antivirus programs. A few simple rules will help you protect your page. For example:

    • Create a complex password that will contain different characters, numbers, capital letters;
    • Do not react to all sorts of provocations about hacking your page on third-party sites (dialog boxes) - this is deception in one hundred percent of cases;
    • Take care to install a good anti-virus program and do not forget to update the virus database.

    However, here are the links where you can find a couple of top three practical tips on hacking on social networks and how they can crack a page in Odnoklassniki.

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