• How can you save faded things?

    What if after washing things shed? Do not throw them away immediately. Try to save clothes or give it a second life.

    How to return things to the old appearance?

    So, how to wash a faded thing?

    1. You can try using a stain remover. But go responsibly to his choice. So, if you faded color clothes, then get the product marked "Color". And in order not to spoil the thing completely, before removing the spots, try the composition on a small invisible section of fabric. If the "native" color has not changed, then you can proceed to the procedure.
    2. Try to wash the faded thing again, but separately and in a larger amount of laundry detergent. And even better pre-soak it for two or three hours, and then send it to a washing machine or wash it well with hands (if the fabric is dense, you can use a brush, it will remove the "foreign" dye from the fibers).
    3. You can simply boil the thing, this is how our grandmothers did before.Boil water in a basin or in a bucket and load a thing into it. Keep the container on the fire for 15-20 minutes, then wait for the clothes to dry, then squeeze it and hang to dry.
    4. If a thing is white, then it is best to whiten it, using, for example, the whiteness, the most usual and still known to our mothers and grandmothers. Surely such a tool will cope with any pollution. And to achieve the maximum effect, dilute the composition according to the instructions and immerse in it the damaged clothes for several hours or even for the night. But do not change the proportions when mixing the powder or liquid with water, otherwise the fabric may be damaged. And if the material is delicate and gentle, then it is better to refuse from soaking.
    5. At home, you can use some folk remedies. For example, liquid ammonia may be appropriate. First pour in a bucket or a large pot of water, put the tank on the fire, and after boiling add two or three tablespoons of sal ammoniac. Immerse in the thing literally for five minutes, then pull out, squeeze and dry. If the spots are stubborn, then 100-200 milliliters of hydrogen peroxide can also be added to the solution.But with such a tool is worth being careful, it can remove and "native" dye.
    6. There is another folk remedy. It is necessary to mix a tablespoon of citric acid, soda, starch and soap chips (to get it just slather the laundry soap on a grater). Now add warm water to get a thick mass. Apply the composition to the spots and leave overnight. Then simply rinse the clothes and dry. If the thing is completely shed, then you can soak it in water, dissolving the resulting product in it.
    7. Try using vinegar, it can also help remove stains.
    8. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used separately by adding 200 ml of the liquid solution to a basin of hot water and soaking the thing in it.
    9. You can return the color with the help of a special tool for colored things that enhances the hue. It can include particles that penetrate the fibers and activate pigments. So, you can buy gel, powder or liquid "Lask Magic Color".
    10. Will help and soda. If the stains are small, then prepare the gruel by mixing the powder with a small amount of warm water. Apply the formulation to the stains and leave for a few hours, then rinse the thing.If the clothes shed completely, then soak them in a basin of water, adding a glass of soda.
    11. White manganese can help bring the white thing back to life. Type in a basin of hot water, add the usual washing powder and literally a pinch of potassium permanganate. Wash clothes well, rinse, wring out and dry.
    12. If the methods listed are ineffective, you will have to resort to at least - take the thing to dry cleaning. Probably there, it will be returned to its original state.

    It is better to pre-test any means on a small and inconspicuous part of the thing. Otherwise, you risk ruining the material completely.

    Creative ways

    If no stain removers and boiling help, then this is not a reason for frustration, but a reason to update your wardrobe. Yes, you understood correctly: a faded thing can be transformed or changed. Of course, it will not be the same as it was before, but it will acquire a completely different look and heal a new interesting life.

    Several creative ways of "reanimation" faded things:

    1. If you shed blue jeans, you can turn them into fashionable and stylish “waren”.To do this, you will need thin rubber bands, whiteness, as well as a bucket or a large pan. First, twist the trouser legs of jeans and fix them in this position with the help of elastic bands. The part above the legs should also be prepared. To do this, twist it in several places and also bandage it with elastic bands. Now prepare the solution. A bucket of water will require about 100 grams of white powder or about a glass of liquid. Dissolve it in water and put the container on fire, immediately immersed in her jeans. From the moment of boiling should take about 15 minutes. Cool the jeans, remove all the gum, gently squeeze the thing and put it to dry on a horizontal surface.
    2. Use dyes. The easiest way is to purchase a dye that completely matches the original color of the thing. Carefully read the instructions, prepare the composition and place the thing in it for a certain time. Next, remove the clothes, gently squeeze and shake, then put to dry on a flat horizontal surface to evenly distribute the color.
    3. There is another more unusual way to use dyes.It will take several colors, as well as thin silicone rubber bands. First prepare the thing itself. To do this, tie the material in several places with rubber bands. You can also make not too tight knots. Now prepare the coloring compositions and color the nodules or bumps in different colors. Rinse and dry. As a result, you should get unusual colored bright spots.
    4. You can use persistent permanent markers. With their help, create a funny or unusual image or write a catch phrase. In general, fantasize and create.

    How to avoid problems?

    It is best not to figure out how to save the faded things, but to prevent such a problem. The following preventive measures will help in this:

    • Before washing, be sure to sort the clothes by color.
    • Observe all wash rules. You can find them on the tag.
    • First try to wash the thing in cold water. If she began to shed, from washing in hot water will have to give up altogether.

    Let your things be bright and beautiful!

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