• How do cats mate?

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    How do cats mate?

    Some people have never seen their cats "walking by themselves" mating. They came up with the idea of ​​sterilizing the cat, but they simply did not reach the hands. Then one day they notice that their cat is pregnant. It is worth asking how cats mate.

    The onset of puberty

    The onset of puberty in the feline family depends on the breed, housing conditions and feeding. In the usual case, the first signs of puberty appear in kittens at 7-9 months, such young animals are not recommended to mate, because this may halt the development of a young animal and may cause a reduction in the fertility period in cats, and in cats infertility. For these reasons, it is recommended to mate animals of one year old. Now consider how the pairing of cats.

    Mating cats

    How to introduce animals to each other? It all depends on the situation. It is best to place a container with a cat in a separate room. So that she could go out and explore the surrounding conditions, leave the container door open for her.After she gets used, you can run a cat to her so that they can meet.

    • An anxious cat may allow the cat to approach her, face her face, lick the face and examine the genital area. Preliminary flirtings increase sexual arousal. This is enough for a mature cat to take a mating pose, nestling on the ground, it raises the pelvic area and moves the tail to the side. Photos of how cats mate, can be found on the Internet.
    • It happens that the cat does not show interest in the partner, in this case, it will not let the cat to itself. And the cat, if it cannot “persuade” the cat to take the pose for mating, will behave aggressively. In such cases, animals should be isolated from each other. If sexual intercourse is accompanied by pain, it may subsequently discourage mating.
    • If everything is normal, then the cat takes the proper posture, the cat approaches it from behind and grabs the cat with its front paws at the sides. After that, he grabs her by the scruff of the neck and pinches her hair with her teeth, while sifting with her hind legs. Several active shocks and he enters the penis into the vagina, ejaculation occurs within 5-15 seconds. At this point, the cat makes a piercing yell, and the cat does not grumble loudly.
    • After that, a stormy farewell occurs: the cat bounces off to the side, and the cat tends to hit it with its paw. This behavior of the cat due to the fact that during the introduction of the penis, he has numerous roughness, which causes, perhaps, a painful strong irritation of the vagina. This stimulation is necessary for the activation of ovulation in cats, coming after 24 hours from the time of coverage.
    • It is best if repeated matings occur. Since ovulation after the first coating does not occur. At least several pairings are necessary. Most often, the cat is left with the cat on a visit for three days.
    • It is very important that the owner of the cat watching the pairing. After all, a fight between animals is not excluded. The owner, if possible, should be nearby to help or separate the animals in a timely manner.

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