• How do you spell "the same"?

    Vera Melnikova
    Vera Melnikova
    July 22, 2014
    How do you spell "the same"?

    The fluent and separate spelling of some words of the Russian language is difficult. For example, how do you spell the same and the same?

    • The same is a particle, the service part of speech, it is always written separately with words.
    • Such and such are demonstrative pronouns. Such is the form of the pronoun in the masculine, singular and genitive. Such is the form of the pronoun in the feminine gender, singular and nominative case.

    It is necessary to write correctly separately: same, same.

    You also need to clarify how to write the ending in the word such. Remember: you always have to write th. And if you forget, remember the question: what? In it is the ending of the second, the same should be the word of such.

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