• How do dogs sing?

    Tamara Kovalenko
    Tamara Kovalenko
    March 25, 2013
    How do dogs sing?

    Fans of videos often see animals that sing along with their owners. "Singing dog", of course, will be the highlight of the evening. How to teach a dog to sing? What do you need to do?

    Singing dogs

    If the dog does not sing yet, but can do it, it is necessary first of all:

    • To pick up a composition or a musical instrument that the dog will like. Each dog has a different taste, like a human. A dog may howl when playing the harmonica or guitar, or it may be a modern dance melody.
    • Play the melody on a musical instrument or record the finished melody on the phone, computer and turn on the dog for her to hear.
    • Come up with a command to start the dog singing, howl. This command can be - “Sing.” Turning on the music, the song, when the dog starts to howl, you need to pronounce the command and give a treat. Thereby, a positive reaction will be fixed in the dog, and the dog will sing when the owner needs it. Then be sure the owners will hear the dogs sing.
    • If the dog is silent, then you will have to help her.It will be necessary to turn on the music and start howling, then the beloved animal will not be able to resist.
    • Collective singing can also be effective. When a soul song sings a few people, and the dog connects too. Why do dogs sing? Because a dog is an animal that is used to being in a pack. If you, that is, her "flock" are singing, then she will surely start howling.
    • You need to talk to the dog more often and then she will answer in her dog's language. And from the word to the song one step.

    Dogs love classical music the most. Hard rock, jazz for them aggressive music, it scares them. The most probably good for learning the singing of dogs, chorus songs such as "Black Raven" or "Nese Galya water."

    Of course, it’s not possible to get outstanding musical possibilities from a dog, but this singing will bring pleasure not only to the listeners, but also to the dog itself.

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