• How is the purity of emerald estimated?

    Emerald is a precious mineral of the first order beryl group, which is rarely found in nature. Crystals with a rich green color are mined in Colombia, Egypt, Brazil and the Urals. Especially where such minerals are considered a sign of beauty, well-being and longevity. "Fashion" on the expensive stones was introduced by Queen Cleopatra, who had her own emerald mines in the vicinity of Aswan. In the 21st century, the quality of such crystals is determined by gemologists without auxiliary equipment, without even using a magnifying glass.

    What determines the purity of emeralds?

    The cost of emerald directly depends on the saturation of the green color and the purity of the gemstone. When identifying a class of minerals, gemologists consider the following structural parameters:

    • Visual defects of the crystal - surface heterogeneity, the presence of cracks and chips on the coating.
    • Metric parameters of foreign bodies in emerald.
    • Location of inclusions in the structure of the mineral.
    • Tint organic inclusions.

    This is the only precious stone in the world, the price of which is determined solely by visual characteristics - color saturation and transparency.

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