• How is the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum held in 2018

    The Economic Forum is held annually in St. Petersburg. It was originally created with the support of the Government of Russia, as well as under the auspices of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS Member States and the Council of Federation of the Russian Federation. The event was held at the headquarters of the Assembly of CIS Member States - in the Tauride Palace. Over the four years of the forum, interest in it has increased. In 2005, the president of Russia spoke for the first time, and since 2006, responsibility for holding the event was assigned to the Ministry of Economic Development. For the next forum, the Foundation SPIEF was created to solve organizational problems.
    Since 2006, there have been changes in the organization of the forum. Cooperation began with the International Economic Forum. The events were moved from the Tavrichesky Palace to the Lenexpo exhibition complex, in which additional sites are being built for the duration of the forum (three days). In addition, the list of participants has expanded.At the moment, the leaders of Russian and foreign companies, state leaders, and representatives of federal and regional authorities come annually.
    Every year the main forum topics are formulated and published. On the first day, the President of Russia speaks at the plenary session. Then, for three days, meetings are held on given topics. They can be held in a variety of formats - meetings, meetings, round tables, exhibitions, etc.
    In addition to the working, there is a cultural part in the forum. It is very diverse: a schedule of events is published on the forum site - several for each day, participants can choose which one to go to. For example, in 2012, exhibitions of works by Rodin, ancient oriental manuscripts, a sailing regatta were organized for the participants of the SPIEF, guests were offered to go to the opera and to the ballet. In addition, the traditional closed receptions of the governor of St. Petersburg and the organizing committee of the SPIEF took place.
    However, not all events within the forum are closed to ordinary residents and visitors to the city. With the support of the forum, on the Palace Square, concerts of world-famous stars are held - for example, Scorpions, Roger Waters, Duran Duran, Faithless, Sting have already arrived in St. Petersburg.
    After the end of the forum, its results are summed up - analysts calculate the number of transactions and their total amount. Every year these figures increase. For example, in 2011, 68 agreements were concluded for the amount of 338 billion rubles, in 2012 - 84 transactions for 360 billion rubles.

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