• How long can you sit at the computer?

    Natalya Chekanova
    Natalya Chekanova
    December 12, 2012
    How long can you sit at the computer?

    The computer has long been used not only for work. He also became a means of communication, entertainment, learning. However, exposure to radiation and electromagnetic fields can have negative health effects.


    So how much can you sit at the computer? The average daily rate of finding a monitor for adults does not exist. After all, representatives of many professions are forced to spend all their working time at the computer. However, there are standards for continuous computer work:

    • with intensive loads (for example, a computer typing operator or a programmer), you should rest 10 minutes after each hour of work;
    • for other users, a 20-minute rest is needed every two hours.

    Prolonged work at the monitor leads to vision problems, known as computer syndrome. This decrease in visual acuity, the ability to clearly see at different distances, drying the surface of the cornea.

    Gymnastics for the eyes

    To avoid such problems, during breaks it is necessary to perform simple exercises for the eyes:

    • sit for a few minutes with eyes closed;
    • perform the rotation of the eyes (up and down, left and right);
    • several times to transfer the gaze from an object located at a far distance to an object that is close, etc.


    And of course, you should properly equip the workplace. The monitor is recommended to be placed at eye level, at a distance of 50-70 cm. The lighting should be diffused. Well, a comfortable chair with an adjustable back should ensure the correct position of the spine.

    Recommendations for children

    How long can children sit at a computer: preschoolers from 5 years old - up to 7 minutes; elementary school students - 10-15 minutes; medium - 20-25 minutes; high school students - 30 minutes.

    If for older children there is a need for longer classes, it is necessary to take a 10-minute break every half hour. And make sure that the computer does not replace the child with other activities and communication with peers and relatives.

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