• How many cats have estrus?

    Four-legged friends have long been living among us. We feed them, caress, indulge and love, almost like members of our family. However, few of us think about the fact that an animal has estrus, and that they entail consequences, as well as in many respects affect the mood of the pet and its behavior. And, as a rule, people have no idea about how much a cat is in heat and how often it happens.

    What is estrus

    A current is a special condition of the animal. It occurs in cats at a certain age. Under this phenomenon, not only the physiological state of the animal changes, but also changes in its psyche occur.

    How to determine estrus and how long it lasts

    An animal, in contrast, from a person cannot tell us about its changes, but it is within our power to determine this, if we know what, to pay attention. Most often, estrus in cats lasts from 6 to 10 days. 6 days estrus occurs in young cats that are only suited to adulthood. 10 days is an average.

    In some cases, estrus in cats can reach up to 20 days.Do not be alarmed if your cat is in such a situation, this is normal and due to the individual characteristics of the body. How many days are estrus in cats is determined not only by the age of the animal, but also by physiological characteristics, color and even breed.

    Symptoms of estrus:

    • Her behavior is changing - from aggressiveness to caress.
    • Loud, endless cries of the animal (both day and night).
    • Frequent urination.
    • Refusal to eat.
    • Swelling of the genitals (this is almost imperceptible and can only be determined by a specialist).
    • The gait is changing - the cat walks on its hind, half-bent paws and at the same time lifts its tail high.
    • Frequent washing of the cat, as from the genitals appear transparent discharge.

    You should know that unlike dogs, cats do not have bloody discharge. And also, in some cats estrus is quiet and calm, which pleases the owners.

    At what age does estrus begin

    The first estrus of your pet may occur from 6-8 months. In some cats from 12 months. If your cat is already 2 years old, or even more, but there is no heat, then hormonal disruption has occurred and you should contact your veterinarian. The interval between chutes is about 15-25 days.You should be careful not to sterilize your pet during heat.

    Mother and offspring

    If you decide to have kittens, then everything is very simple, you have to wait for the cat in heat and mix it with the cat. After a safe pregnancy, you will have kittens, and the animal will not be in heat for another 3.5 months. During heat, the cat is especially sensitive and begins to mark its territory. You need to be careful, and in no case do not shout at the cat, do not beat or offend, even in case of aggression on her part. The animal during estrus does not control what happens to it and may not obey you. You need to be patient and wait a bit, then it will be easier for you and your pet to go through this period.

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