• How not to eat at the festive table

    Hike on a visit or in a restaurant can be a serious test for the body. This is, in fact, a test of our own determination to follow the new principles regarding eating behavior and lifestyle in general.


    On the one hand, but how not to go on a visit? After all, you were invited by people or relatives who are pleasant to you. Not every day is a holiday, but here it is planned. And here it is - the long-awaited joy. And talk, and sing at the table, and dance, and of course drink and eat well! Everything is not ours, it is not on us and it will end.


    Absolutely correct reasoning!


    You have to meet good people!


    Only time should be spent so that later it was nice to remember these meetings.


    It would be absurd to insist not to eat or drink at a party or in a restaurant. If you sit with a lean face at the table, refusing food, nothing but bewilderment and surprise will not cause.


    However, the strategy of their own behavior at the holiday table must be worked out in advance. And follow it steadily.It is not at all difficult. Especially when you see the positive results that your self-respecting rules will bring.


    First rule


    Do not go to visit the hungry. Some try to starve during the day, knowing that they are having a feast in the evening. It does nothing in terms of weight conservation. A hungry person, having reached the meal, necessarily loses control over himself and eats everything. The result of a preliminary fasting and subsequent eating is always the same: the next day, extra pounds appear. Therefore, before the scheduled meal, be sure to eat according to your diet.


    Rule two


    Determine for yourself the purpose of the trip to visit (or in a restaurant). If the goal is to just fill the stomach with all sorts of things, go ahead! You are close to her as ever. Eat, eat and eat again. And do not grieve because of indigestion and weight gain. The goal is set - the goal is taken. Rejoice!


    If the goal - a pleasant pastime and communication, then food - a secondary matter. You just do not get involved and control themselves.


    Rule Three


    Prepare to communicate in advance.Think about what it would be interesting for everyone to talk at the table. Schedule for yourself some topics that would not seriously hurt anyone, but in the discussion of which everyone could take part (for example, country troubles, travels, weather in different parts of the world, etc.). Offer the company funny games, there are a great many of them, our ancestors, while spending long winter evenings without a TV, knew how to have fun.


    Fourth rule


    A rich table awaits you. Your job is to choose what suits you in connection with your program. If you eat a large salad of fresh herbs and a piece of meat (chicken), you and your body will be satisfied. Avoid salty foods. All the tasty snacks contain a large amount of salt. And it causes fluid retention. The result - the next day you will look puffy and bloated.


    Fifth Rule


    If you really want to try most of the treats, take a whole, but very little. You want to taste it. And for this, it is not necessary to stuff a stomach like a garbage bag.


    Rule Six


    Constantly repeat to yourself the phrase: "This is not the last meal of my life."It helps to keep the flood of feelings at the sight of an abundance of food.


    Rule seventh


    In the restaurant, discuss in detail with the waiter the ways of preparing the dish and the types of garnish to it. Choose, proceeding from the laws of combining products.

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