• How not to lose health

    Avoid undue risk. Extreme situations often lead to injury and disability. Car races, skydiving and climbing cravings - all this certainly increases the level of adrenaline in the blood and diversifies life. However, some people, after a failed landing or accident, remain wheelchair-bound for life.
    Get rid of bad habits. Smoking and drinking significantly reduce life expectancy and lead to the development of a large number of diseases. Compare what is more important for you: momentary pleasure or the opportunity to live a long and interesting life.
    Eat right. Eat often and slowly. Eat raw fruits and vegetables, they contain antioxidants that normalize the oxidative processes in the cells of the body. Thanks to these substances, the cells maintain their biochemical equilibrium, and slags and toxins do not accumulate in the body.Include weekly fish in your diet. Omega-3 acids contained in it are necessary for the normal process of cell renewal.
    Reduce the consumption of sugar, and it is better to completely abandon it, replacing honey. Excessive consumption of sugar leads to obesity and diabetes mellitus, and many other pathological conditions of the body “start” from these diseases. Especially dangerous are large amounts of sugar soda and sweet wine.
    When choosing furniture and finishing materials for home adhere to the principles of buying environmentally friendly products. Constant contact with chemicals provokes the development of various diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease. Observe also the principle of eating only "pure" products that do not contain preservatives and dyes, no matter how harmless they are not positioned.
    Maintain physical activity. Regular classes of feasible physical exertion will serve as a good prevention of cardiovascular diseases, relieve weight loss and maintain body tone.
    Avoid stressful situations.Of course, this is not always possible, but you can learn how to reduce stressful effects on the body. To do this, use relaxation techniques: meditation, auto-training or active exercise. Choose your own way of reducing the emotional load, perhaps it will be enough for you to walk in the park or forest.

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