• How profitable to buy on Aliexpress?

    Aliexpress now can be called one of the most popular sites for the sale of various products around the world. The abundance of interesting products and discounted prices attract loyal customers and new customers. If you yourself are buying things through this site or are going to become a regular customer, it will be useful for you to get a few recommendations on how to make purchases wisely there.

    Use cashback

    Cashback is a service that helps to return part of the money spent on the purchase. Using special sites and entering promotional codes when you make a purchase, you will see the difference between the purchase of goods at its usual cost and cashback. After purchasing the product in this way, you will receive a portion of the money spent back to the e-wallet: the refund amount will be indicated after entering the promotional code. Cashback from purchases on aliexpress will help to profitably purchase more expensive goods and even more profitable - affordable and cheap. And to make it easier and faster to use this method, you can install a special extension - cashback service - Alibonus.After installing the application, you make purchases in the usual way, automatically receive cashback and withdraw money in a convenient way. You will be notified of the charges, the funds will be returned quickly and securely.

    Plan your purchases

    Aliexpress is a large store with a lot of interesting, beautiful and useful things at affordable prices. It is very well planned, the main information is highlighted in bright and bold letters, photos are of high quality, you can always see related products. Many, entering this site, get into a completely different and bright world, they are waking up to buy this and that, because it’s beautiful, cheap and it can come in handy ... act like a drug. As a result, customer enthusiasm can bring a person to the point that he will buy several products with similar functions, something superfluous or useless, or even spend all the available funds. If the desire to purchase something in addition wakes up from an ordinary buyer, what can we say about shopaholics!

    In order not to fall into the trap of a beautiful shopping tale,Set a reasonable goal in advance: decide what you really need, what qualities a product should possess and what amount, without prejudice to everything else, you are ready to allocate for a purchase. All this is better to determine in advance, and not in the process. For example, if a person needs a warm and high-quality top for the winter, for him the priority will be high-quality fabric and material, suitable style, and then color and prints. With this understanding, the buyer will acquire one or two sweaters that will be worn, perhaps for more than one season, and which will go well with all the things from his wardrobe. He will spend money on better and more promising clothes instead of acquiring a few, though cheaper and brighter ones, but of poor quality and things that cannot be combined with each other.

    In order not to spend all your money, estimate in advance how useful the product is to you, whether it is really worth taking it or is it a new bauble, do you have any things that satisfy what you are looking for. So you will move from thoughtless consumerism to the competent use of money and the overall improvement in the quality of life.

    Study information about products, compare prices.

    Aliexpress is a large-scale platform for sellers and buyers from around the world. In order to be confident in the quality of the purchase, carefully read all the information about the product of interest, view the photo, read the conditions of purchase and delivery, if necessary, contact the seller. Pay more attention to certain details depending on the type of product.

    Buying a technical thing, pay attention to the description of its work and functions, if it is something new for you, you can search for videos about how it works.

    When buying clothes, remember that beautiful pictures are often the result of high-quality work of photographers, so you need to make allowances for the fact that in life a thing will not look as attractive as on a model. Examine the information about the material, pictures of clothing details, size table, photos in reality, if any. Carefully select the size. When purchasing a thing that shows an Asian model, remember that her figure is thinner and smaller than that of a European woman: a dress that she kneels, you may look shorter by a few centimeters.It may be necessary to buy a thing that is one size larger than your usual size - dimensional tables will help in the correct definition.

    When purchasing cosmetics, examine the composition, when buying small decorative items, pay attention to the design and size.

    Approach each purchase on Aliexpress thoughtfully and with attention, use discounts, bonuses and useful features. In this case, you can buy everything you need with maximum benefit.

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