• How does a doctor work?

    The doctor is one of the most sought-after professions in the world. This is a person who has spent 7-8 years of his life studying and realized that treating people is his vocation. In addition to the institute, internship and residency, the doctor must replenish his knowledge throughout his life, as medicine does not stand still. So, how does a doctor work, who has gone all the hard way and yet received this title?


    Every person who becomes a doctor, on the very first day of his work, is confronted with certain norms - rules that are binding. For example, regarding inspections and visits:

    • Local doctors are required to inspect every hour for 5 people.
    • Medical specialists are required to examine 3.5 people every hour.

    In addition, the rates of nurses who work together with doctors have been reduced in order to save money, which means that now it is doctors who often do paperwork. But, interestingly, they no longer have time for this occupation. As you can see, the district doctors simply do not have a high-quality, spiritual examination of time.

    Where do doctors work

    • State Polyclinics
    • Private clinics
    • Ambulance
    • In executive bodies (forensic examination)

    How many hours do doctors work

    Doctors have different shifts.

    • An ultrasound doctor works 6 to 6.5 hours a day.
    • Doctors functional diagnostics for 6 hours a day.
    • Dentist - 5 hours 30 minutes, 6 days a week.
    • Surgeon - 7 hours a day.

    Many doctors work day after two.

    Can a doctor work as a nurse?

    The Ministry of Health issued an order that allows medical students and certified doctors to hold the following nursing positions:

    • Nurse
    • Nurse sentry (ward)
    • Nurse procedural
    • Emergency Nurse
    • Dressing nurse
    • Emergency call and transfer call nurse for emergency ambulance teams

    How doctors work, and what their responsibilities are, let's look at the example of therapists.

    What diseases are treated by a therapist

    The therapist is a general practitioner. His responsibilities include the early diagnosis and treatment of many types of diseases of the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, liver, urinary and cardiovascular systems, skin, etc.

    The therapist prescribes treatment, conducts the primary reception of all patients and, if necessary, assigns a referral to a narrowly-specialized doctor.

    What does the therapist do

    • Collecting anamnesis (examines patients' complaints about well-being, collects information about them, deals with the history of diseases).
    • Applies objective methods of examination, examines patients.
    • Defines special research methods.
    • Writes to the medical card information about the diagnosis and treatment of the patient.
    • Determines the indications for hospitalization.
    • Detects the risk of developing its chronic diseases.
    • Draws out a sick-list.
    • Prescribes medication and all necessary therapeutic measures.

    How the therapist works

    At his appointment, the doctor asks the patient questions about his state of health, studies the history of the disease and conducts an examination. After the first consultation, the therapist sends the patient to research (to make a urine, blood test, measure pressure, remove a cardiogram, etc.). After the study, the doctor prescribes treatment or gives a referral to a specialist.

    Salary of doctors

    If in the US, doctors earn the most, then this cannot be said about Russia. An American surgeon receives $ 17,000 each month, an anesthesiologist receives $ 16.4 thousand, a dentist and a gynecologist receive approximately the same amount.

    Russian doctors receive an average of 15,000–17,000 rubles, and in cities where the population is less than 50 thousand people, doctors are paid about 10,000 rubles.For this, a person spends 8 years on his education, bears criminal responsibility for each action and is afraid even to accept thanks from the patient.

    We told you about how much a doctor should work and what exactly is included in his duties. We hope that the situation will soon change and the work of medical workers will be appreciated. Anyway, a doctor is the most necessary profession in our world, since the relevance of medicine will never disappear.

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