• How to activate the sim card Beeline?

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    How to activate the sim card Beeline?

    Today we will bring to your attention a detailed instruction on how to activate Sims Beeline. So, go ahead!

    Activation of a new Beeline SIM card

    1. To begin with, we get a plastic plate with a new SIM card out of the envelope. Carefully separate the card from the base. If you are unable to separate the card, then use small scissors or a sharp thin knife.
    2. Insert the SIM-card in a special slot in the phone. If you do not know how to do it correctly, take the instructions for your mobile phone. Next, turn on the phone.
    3. Next, enter the PIN-code, if required. It is indicated on a plastic base, which we separated from the card. In order to read it, you need to erase the protective layer. You need to be careful not to damage the PIN itself. If you were inattentive, and entered the code three times incorrectly, then unlock the card using the PUK code - it is also indicated on the plastic base.
    4. Please note that you can change the PIN yourself or even turn it off.A lost PUK code can be restored if you call Beeline Center at 0611. But if you enter the PUK code incorrectly 10 times in succession, it will not be possible to restore it and you will have to change your SIM card.
    5. You need to make sure that you are in the Beeline network - this will be noticeable by the network indicator. Next, we dial on the phone USSD-command * 101 * 1111 # and press the call key.
    6. You need to make sure that the starting amount is credited to your number. For this you need to check the personal account. There are three ways to check:

    - send USSD request * 102 # or # 102 #;

    - Call the number 0697;

    - we send the usual balance request via the Beeline SIM-menu.

    Activation of a blocked Beeline SIM card

    1. We replenish the account number of your mobile phone, if it is temporarily blocked for non-payment. This can be done through payment terminals, from a bank card, at Beeline offices, etc. Please note that to use the service "Trust Payment", i.e. credit, with a blocked card is impossible.
    2. If the SIM card was blocked for some other reason, for example, you blocked it voluntarily or simply didn�t use it for a long time, then you can request that you remove the lock.If you have not used a SIM card for a long time, be prepared that it will not be possible to recover the number. To remove the lock, you need to write a statement, it is done either in the office of the company or sent by fax. The fax number can be specified on the Beeline company website in your region.

    We hope that this instruction and some tips helped you to deal with your problem, and now you know perfectly well how to activate the Beeline sim card.

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