• How to add cars to GTA?

    February 1, 2015
    How to add cars to GTA?

    GTA SA is an extensive game in which a huge number of possibilities. The game has many variations of weapons, equipment and opportunities to play the role. However, over time, all these opportunities may pall and not cause the former ardor. In this case, players begin to install modifications and delve into the game files to make the game more exciting and interesting.

    You can replace not only the skin of the player, NPS, weapons, but also the skins of cars, as well as add new cars or other things. However, not every gamer understands how you can add cars to GTA SA yourself. Consider this question.

    How to add or replace machine skin in GTA SA

    There are two ways to add and replace cars in GTA SA.

    Method one

    The first method is difficult because it is necessary to install mods and skins on machines manually. Therefore, it can be used by experienced moderators and users who understand this issue.

    This is done like this:

    1. Install the program
    2. In the program window, open the GTA3.img file, which is located in the models folder.
    3. We find the .dff and .txd files that are responsible for the machine models.
    4. There are two options: delete the files of one machine and insert new ones or replace them. In the second method, select the desired file and click "replase". After that, we take the downloaded files of the skin of the machine and replace them with the old ones.
    5. Then we take the data from the VEHICLES.IDE file of the downloaded skin of the machine and copy them into the file handlinch.cfg. These files are opened with a regular text editor. This must be done so that the new machines in the game are not "buggy."

    After that, you can start the game and enjoy the new car models.

    Second way

    This way it will be much easier to install new machines. For this you need:

    1. Download and install the program
    2. In the program window you need to rewrite the files VEHICLES.IDE, handlinch.cfg, carcols.dat, using similar files from mods machines.
    3. We indicate in the last lines the path to the mod files.
    4. We start the installation of files and wait for the end.

    After that, you can use the new machines.

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