• How to align your teeth?

    Curved teeth are not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also very pitiable for the oral cavity and our entire body. Here are the consequences of delayed treatment:

    • During conversation and in the process of chewing, as a result of unequal distribution of the load on the teeth, their premature wear and rapid destruction occur.
    • Due to the incorrect position of the teeth, the nutrition of the gums decreases, and between the teeth a soft and hard coating begins to accumulate. All these factors lead to inflammation of the gums and increase the risk of periodontal disease.
    • Uneven teeth increase the risk of jaw joint disease. As a result, the patient begins to experience constant headaches.
    • Finally, uneven teeth poorly grind food, the stomach and intestines are already beginning to suffer from this.

    That is why at the first signs of pathology as soon as possible, refer to the orthodontist, who will tell you how to align the teeth.

    Experts claim that it is better to start correcting the bite in childhood at the time of the beginning of the change of milk teeth - at the age of 5-7 years. The fact is that during this period the jaw joints are mobile and the process of correction occurs much faster. And in the future, the baby will avoid a lot of problems.

    There are several options for correcting teeth in early childhood: the use of lip bumpers or special tensile plates.

    But is it possible to even the teeth if time is hopelessly lost? Modern medicine does not give grounds for grief. Today, there are several very effective ways of dental correction. In this case, the price range of services may be completely different.

    How to align teeth

    Installing braces

    This is the most reliable way to align teeth. They wear devices for about a year or two. Systems are fixed to the teeth thanks to a special glue. They should put pressure on the teeth and create the right direction.

    Previously, braces were like braces that looked very, very not aesthetically pleasing. By the way, such an unpleasant appearance made many teenagers refuse to wear the system - the children were afraid of the ridicule of their peers. Modern braces in appearance are very far from their predecessors. The lingual bracket-system, as former braces are now called, is practically imperceptible, because it is fixed not from the external, but from the inside of the teeth.In addition, they are very small in size, and some models generally look like decoration.

    There are no age limits for installing the system. The process itself is completely painless, and new braces do not spoil the tooth enamel. True, there are some limitations for installing the system:

    • Acute periodontitis with complications
    • Allergic reaction
    • Disease of the mental nature of the patient.

    Keep in mind that braces are expensive. In their manufacture using titanium and nickel alloys, ceramics, transparent sapphire, gold and other expensive metals.

    Mouth guards

    One way to align teeth at home. This alignment option is much more economical compared to braces. It is used both as anchoring means after wearing the system, and as the main method of correction. True, with their help, you can fix only minor problems of the dentition.

    Kappa looks like a transparent cap - made of transparent plastic. Such a cap is worn on the teeth and “fitted” the product using a computer. He, in turn, determines the exact structure of the jaw and the location of each tooth.

    The cap is almost invisible in the mouth and, because of this, is very popular with patients. In addition, it can be used to hide external defects of the dentition: for example, browning, cracks.

    In order for the treatment with the help of kapp to end with the correct outcome, it is impossible to interrupt or disrupt the process in any case.


    Another option is to align your teeth without braces. Veneers are plates that are fixed on the outside of the tooth. They are made of ceramics, and the installation process takes several minutes. This is one of the advantages of a design over kappa and braces.

    With the help of veneers, the chisels on the incisors are eliminated, the curvature of the dentition is lengthened, the short teeth are extended, the cracks are eliminated and they are visually bleached.


    Today, these devices are considered an achievement in orthodontics. They are somewhat similar to veneers. The principle of operation is the same: the plates are attached with a special compound to the outside of the tooth, creating the effect of a stunning smile throughout the treatment. The result of the use is very good - professionals guarantee the elimination of most problems in the dentitionMoreover, luminaras, like veneers, are also very economical.

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