• How to apply celandine acne on the face

    Lotion based on celandine acne on the face

    Such lotions are suitable for daily use. In addition to celandine, they can contain various natural and safe ingredients.
    Recipe number 1. An easy way to get rid of acne and shine on the face. To prepare the lotion will need: 2 tbsp. spoons of dried crushed celandine, 500 ml of boiling water. The grass must be poured boiling water, after cooling the product is ready for use. The resulting lotion should wipe the skin regularly, before bedtime.
    Recipe number 2. For cooking tools will need: 4 tbsp. spoon dry celandine, 500 ml of vodka (alcohol). Grass should be poured with vodka and infused for 24 hours in a closed container. Apply the resulting lotion should be regularly, strictly on the inflamed places. It is not recommended to abuse the received remedy for acne, since alcohol not only disinfects, but also dries the skin of the face.

    Masks with celandine acne on the face

    Masks based on celandine dry acne, eliminate inflammation, narrow enlarged pores, depending on the composition of the skin have a moisturizing, smoothing effect. It is recommended to apply them twice a week, with strong rashes on the face - 3 times a week.
    Recipe number 1. To prepare a mask of celandine acne will need: 1 tbsp. spoon celandine juice, 1 chicken egg (only protein), 1 tbsp. spoon of fresh honey. After thoroughly mixing the ingredients, the agent should be applied to the skin for 5-10 minutes. To fix the result, the face after washing can be wiped with lotion from the celandine.
    This mask at the same time disinfects and moisturizes, suitable for oily and mixed skin. With its regular use, the skin becomes smooth, the acne disappears.
    Recipe number 2. To prepare the mask requires: 10 drops of celandine juice, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, chicken egg (yolk). As in the previous case, the ingredients need to be mixed and applied to a clean face for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. The mask eliminates inflammation and moisturizes, it is recommended for use on dry skin of the face.
    In any masks it is necessary to use only freshly harvested juice of celandine.

    Contraindications to the use of celandine

    Funds based on celandine with pimples on the face are not suitable for everyone. It should be remembered that this plant is poisonous, and therefore can not be abused. Celandine juice can provoke an allergic reaction on the skin, manifested by its redness and severe itching.
    Any means of celandine are contraindicated in autoimmune skin diseases. For example, with eczema.

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