• How to arrange a child in the garden?

    The issue of placing a child in kindergarten, each family decides in different ways. Someone gets an acquaintance, someone arranges a child in a private kindergarten, if the family budget allows, well, someone has to wait in long lines. Today, dear reader, we will talk about how to arrange a child in the garden.

    We are looking for a kindergarten for the baby

    It is important to understand that a kindergarten is an institution where a child’s socialization is actively taking place. This process occupies a leading position in the integration of the future adult in the modern difficult world. It is in kindergarten that children actively begin their journey into a bright social future. Therefore, you can understand those parents who seek to define their child in a better place.

    How to arrange a kindergarten child? Let's talk a little about the process of arranging a child. We divide our story into several stages:

    • The best way to provide a child with early childhood education is to take care of this in advance. Immediately after birth, you can safely go to the commission and ask for a ticket to the kindergarten.No preschool has the right to refuse you in this package.
    • What documents will be needed for the voucher? The first is a statement from parents or those with such rights. The second document - the birth certificate of the baby. The third is the passport of the parent. Only one passport of the parent or representative of the child is needed. If you have a benefit for admission to kindergarten, then without fail submit this document. And finally, you will need a medical card form F26. After the presentation of these documents, you will be taken to a single information base, that is, in a queue, and you will have every right to enroll in a kindergarten convenient for you.

    A little more I would like to talk about the benefits of admission to preschool. All types of benefits can be very accurately divided into three groups:

    • The first of these is the extraordinary right to enter kindergarten. Orphaned children, adopted children, children under guardianship or taken into the family have the right to this indulgence. Also, children of young parents (from 18 to 23 years old) who do not have parents or guardians can apply for this benefit.In other words, orphaned parents. Another group is children whose parents were exposed to radiation during the tragic events at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The children of judges are entitled to have this benefit. The children of dysfunctional parents or those of those registered for minors are also included in the list of beneficiaries.
    • Group number two is called the “first right of entry”. This category includes those children whose parents have a large family. Among them are also the children of servicemen under contract or conscription, the children of police officers. They also include the children of the parents, who at the time of serving in the police were injured incompatible with life or injured after a year of retirement. This also includes the children of parents no longer serving in the police due to their injuries. Also the right to priority admission are children with disabilities and children of parents with disabilities.
    • Well, the third group is a group of children who have a preferential right to enroll in a preschool institution. These include children of single mothers, children whose parents work as teachers in pre-school educational institutions.It also includes a group of children whose sisters or brothers are pupils of the desired kindergarten.

    Now you know how to arrange a child in kindergarten.

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