• How to assemble a gun?

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    How to assemble a gun?

    A pistol is one of the most popular weapons both in our country and abroad. That is why in this article we will consider in detail how to assemble a gun after its complete disassembly using the example of a Makarov pistol.

    We collect shop

    1. We take the base of the store with the left brush, and with the right one we insert the feeder into the frame of the store.
    2. Next, we insert into its base the helix of the feeder and press the helix using the thumb.
    3. After that, use the right brush to push the lid on the concave ribs of the base.

    We connect the ejector to the hermit

    1. Next, put the store on the surface of the table and insert it into the recess.Makarovejector helix with gnet.
    2. After that, put the ejector into the recess with a hook to the hermit's cup and, holding it with the left brush, insert the protrusion of the socket to the recess. In this case, synchronously pressing the ejector to the socket and lower it into the recess so that the upper part of the socket is located above the protrusion of the edge of the ejector.

    We attach the fuse and the drummer to the hermit

    1. We take the hermit with the left brush and place the drummer in the recess of the hermit, turning it to the back of the fuse with its back side.
    2. Next, insert the fuse, turning its flag to the maximum.

    Attach the hook to the rim

    1. We take a frame in the left hand, and with the opposite hand we delay the bracketMakarovdescent and insert the descent hook into the frame stand so that the trunnions ideally fit the trunnion grooves.
    2. After that, return the bracket to its original position.
    3. Next, insert the trigger hook into the recess of the trigger hook.

    Attach the trigger to the rim

    We take for the rim with the left brush and turn the trigger hook forward, and with the right we insert the trunnion to the trunnion grooves in the rim and turn the upper part of the trigger backwards.

    Attach the combat helix to the rim and the base of the handle

    1. Next, turn the trigger hook forward, and the lever for cocking up.Makarov
    2. After that, right-hand brush the feather of the combat spiral into the hole of the rim and dress the spiral so that the wide side of the spiral is located in the notch of the trigger, and the narrow side is on the lever for the platoon.
    3. Next, turn the back wall of the base of the handle to yourself and, holding the combat helix with the help of the magazine latch, put on the catch of the combat helix.
    4. After that we put on the handle and screw in the screw to the maximum.But do not forget to let him go half a turn.

    Attach the delay shutter to the rim

    1. We take the frame with the left brush, and with the right one we put the shutter lag in the grooveMakarovrims.
    2. Insert the left and right pin alternately and turn the sear back.
    3. Using the wipe protrusion, put the helix hook on the shutter lag
    4. Attach the return spiral and attach the store.

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