• How to avoid hypoxia

    Treatmenthypoxiaand prevention of this condition depends on the causes of oxygen deprivation. Since during hypoxia irreversible processes occur in the organs, promptly eliminate the factors contributing to the development of this condition. First of all, determine the cause that caused the state of oxygen starvation and immediately proceed to eliminate or reduce hypoxia.
    In the event of acute hypoxia caused by low oxygen content in the air or carbon monoxide poisoning, immediately provide the victim with access to oxygen. The best option would be an oxygen cylinder, and in its absence, take out or move the victim to fresh air. If necessary, give artificial respiration.
    Be sure to check whether hypoxia is not caused by foreign bodies in the respiratory system. If there is no doubt that difficulty breathing is caused by a foreign body, take all possible steps to remove the provoking factor.
    Usually, all cases of acute hypoxia require emergency care by doctors, so promptly call for medical attention. Timely measures will ensure the elimination of the effects of oxygen starvation.
    To reduce oxygen deficiency caused by diseases, use pharmacological means and methods that increase the supply of enough oxygen to the body and improve its delivery to organs and tissues, as well as ensure timely utilization of used oxygen. Drugs used to combat hypoxia are called antihypoxants.
    If the state of hypoxia is related to the performance of functions that your professional duties require, engage in special training sessions that increase the body's resistance to oxygen deficiency.

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