• How to bake pork?

    Galina Uneasy
    Galina Uneasy
    April 19, 2013
    How to bake pork?

    The hinge is part of the pork carcass, which is located closer to the knee joint. It consists mainly of tissue, as well as the muscles of the animal. This part of the carcass is known as the wild boar knee (Czech), icebain (German), pigz nakl (English).

    There are a lot of recipes for cooking shank, but mostly it is used in baked form. Some prefer to bake it raw in foil or in the sleeve, while others - after pre-boiling. Therefore, before you bake pork, think about which option you like best. Below will be considered one of the most common recipes for roasting pre-boiled knuckle.


    • 3 small knuckles
    • 2 onions
    • Carnations up to 10 pieces
    • Bulgarian pepper 10 units
    • Ground black pepper
    • Two bay leaves
    • One head of garlic
    • Up to one and a half liters of light beer
    • Salt
    • To 100 ml of soy sauce

    Cooking and cooking marinade

    Before cooking, all knuckles must be washed.Next, you need to put them in a medium-sized cooking pot and put onions, cloves, Bulgarian pepper, and add water. Before you bake the pork knuckle, you need to cook it for about two hours, periodically removing the resulting foam.

    After cooking, you need to drain the broth. Then it is necessary to cook the marinade for the shank. To do this, pour beer into a suitable container, add soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste, favorite spices and broth in which the knuckles were brewed. Marinade should completely cover the roll, soak in marinade up to 6 hours.


    On the surface of pickled shanks, make cuts and put slices of garlic, previously divided into parts. Next, it should be placed on a baking sheet, and before baking the knuckle in the oven, the marinade prepared earlier is added to the baking sheet. It is necessary to bake about 1.5 hours at a temperature of 180 degrees. Marinade should be watered on the surface of the shank during the entire baking time every fifteen minutes. And after 40 minutes of roasting, the knuckles need to be turned over so that they are juicy and beautiful on both sides.

    Before you bake the knuckle in a foil or sleeve, you need to remove the excess marinade, smear the entire visible surface with mayonnaise, kefir or any available sauce, and you can also use vegetable oil, which is pre-added with any spices to taste.

    Serving on the table

    Pork can be served with different side dishes and with various sauces. Despite the fact that cooked in the oven knuckle, is a fairly high-calorie dish, sometimes you can still pamper yourself, please your loved ones.

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