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How to Be a Successful Tutor

Whether you're working for a tuition company or simply freelancing for some extra cash, there are various steps you can take to become a successful and highly-sought-after tutor. The following instructions are based on the assumption that you are already finding work, and are merely written to help you become even better at what you do.


  1. Introduce yourself to both the parent and student.Make sure you are confident and welcoming, making both people feel comfortable with your services. It is important to communicate expectations and goals at the very beginning of your job, so that everyone's voice is being heard. Allow the child and parent to have a discussion with you about the areas in which the child experiences struggles or successes. For example, they may have a fantastic vocabulary, but have difficulty with sentence structure.
  2. Find out what kind of learner the child is (visual, auditory, kinesthetic or a combination of these) and teach according to how they learn (e.g:visual learners like diagrams and charts, auditory learners benefit from discussion and word games, and kinesthetic ones need movement and hands on experiences to remember ideas and concepts).
  3. Start by checking what level the child is at with their writing by giving them a few activities (e.g:for English - a description of the last dream they had, a list of pro/cons about having school uniforms, or an essay structure for an analysis of three major themes in a novel).
  4. When the child brings you a school assignment, go through the criteria sheet with a highlighter.This way, both you and your student know exactly what the teacher is looking for.
  5. Don't do the assignment for them!I know this sounds pretty obvious, but some students can often become dependent on their tutor or parent to do their work for them out of fear of making mistakes. Make sure you are gradually doing less and less work for the child. Tutoring/teaching is all about allowing the student to become a life-long learner who can sustain their own independent learning practice.
  6. Make sure that the parent and student are both aware that the grades they receive at school might not always indicate how much they have progressed.If the student started working with you when they were receiving mainly low grades, it is unfair to expect instantly high grades after only a few tutoring sessions. This being said, always make sure your student receives praise for the progress they are making, and allow them to reflect on their own learning practice.

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  • Be enthusiastic about teaching and learning
  • Be organized yet flexible in your lesson planning
  • Be patient
  • Be professional
  • Be confident and approachable
  • Be aware of expectations and goals


  • Don't do the student's assignments for them. This is not learning. This is cheating.
  • Don't waste time with the student. Always be on task. This is what the parent/student is paying you for and you should not waste their money.
  • If you are freelance tutoring at the child's home, make sure you are working in a main area of the house. Do not tutor in the child's bedroom or when there are no parents or guardian's at home. This is just for legal purposes.

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