• How to become a ninja?

    Ninjas (“the one who hides” from the “sinobu” - “hide (camping), hide (camping) - in medieval Japan is a warrior-intelligence officer. Ninjas were mercenaries who were engaged in reconnaissance, sabotage, espionage, political provocations and assassinations. Ninja they had their own clan structure and lived outside the system of social and political relations.

    Ninja school

    Traditionally, ninjas were born into a ninja family and learned their art from childhood. Ninja art is called Ninjutsu. Ninjutsu teaches that the state of complete security does not exist, and any action provokes opposition, which violates harmony. The way out is in understanding what harmony is broken in, as well as minimizing undesirable consequences.

    The ninjutsu school had differences in different clans, but they all had a single foundation, consisting of three blocks of skills and knowledge, which together formed a very flexible system of attack, defense, and counteraction against any possible danger. To become a ninja, a student by the age of 15 had to have the necessary knowledge of the basics of the three blocks and, at the age of 15, must be initiated to begin teaching Zen Buddhism and Xian Taoism.

    Three blocks of ninjutsu:

    • The Conquest of the Five Elements: Chi, Sui, Ka, Fu, Ki (earth, fire, water, air, first principle of all)
      Teaches how to use the world to disguise, covert movement, ambush, etc. The collective name of all skills: Ton-jutsu
    • The art of struggle was divided into two sections:
      Thai Jutsu - the art of owning a body
      Bu Jutsu - the work of possession of weapons
    • Nimpo-mikyo
      The technique of changing the states of consciousness to mobilize the internal resources of the body.

    In different clans there were different tests and trainings, after passing through which it was possible to become a ninja. Children were tested from the cradle. The cradle with the child was hit on the walls so that he would learn to group and get used to shaking. Children were taught to swim for half a year - even before they started to walk. From the age of three children developed endurance, they were taught to hold their breath, using simple suffocation. At the age of ten, the child ran twenty kilometers or more without stopping, and the test of running was passed by running a 100-meter walk with a straw hat pressed to the chest. If the child did not run fast enough and the hat fell - he did not pass the exam.The trainees were constantly beaten with sticks in order to increase the pain threshold. To develop flexibility - they stretched and twisted joints. The ninja had to see well in the dark, for this child was placed for weeks in a dark cave with a small supply of food. Training took place constantly, without days off. Ninja should not only be prepared physically, but also know medicine, medicinal herbs, letters, languages ​​and diplomacy.

    A ninja girl (to become a ninja does not necessarily have to be a boy) should, among other things, have the art of a geisha and be able to attract men, become beautiful or ugly, regardless of the natural appearance.

    Ninja weapons

    The main weapons of the ninja, in addition to the popular sword and bow, were specially designed surrikeni (throwing stars) and kusari-kama (sickles on a long chain), the use of which was caused by masking the killers under the peasants. In fact, the ninja was trained to use any means at hand for killing, from clubs to needles. To kill the ninja often used poisons. An especially popular and effective weapon was the blowpipe, with which the ninja shot a needle poisoned with poison into his victim.


    To disguise, contrary to popular belief, ninjas used casual clothing that allowed them to easily get lost in the crowd. Ninja girls usually disguised themselves as a geisha, which made their victims easily accessible and virtually defenseless. And black tight clothes that are used in the cinema, were not used, because strongly contrasted with the environment even at night and could give a ninja.

    Ninja culture has gained wide popularity in art. In particular, one of the most popular anime in the world "Naruto", based on the manga of the same name, tells about the ninja school, although there the structure has strong differences from its real prototype. For example, to become a ninja from naruto, you had to unlearn at the Ninja Academy. The graduate of the Academy became Genin (Yu Genin - the lowest ninja). Then he had the opportunity to prove the growth of his abilities in the exam and become Tyunin (tyunin - middle ninja), and then the highest ninja - Dzyonin. With high skill in any particular discipline, Dzönin became Tokubetsu-jзnin.
    Ninjas from naruto, in fact, are very different from their real types, in terms of cultural value, and for their own purposes. In naruto, ninjas are the military pillar of their country than samurai were in reality.Ninjas served as mercenaries, representing retroactive force.

    In 1973, the Bujinkan School was established in Japan. The combat system of this school, according to the founder, Masaaki Hatsumi, includes 3 ninja schools, in addition to six samurai and nine budo schools. This school is the most popular among those claiming continuity from the medieval, original ninjutsu schools, but the genealogy of the Bujinkan, which is mandatory in ninja culture, has not been confirmed and is being questioned. In any case, from open schools no one else in the world will tell you how to become a ninja.

    Demonstration of technology nyuztsitsu see in the video, how to become a ninja, "Demonstrations from the school Bujinkan."

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