• How to become a vampire in real life? A girlfriend wants to be a vampire in Twilight. Help me please!

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    Answered on January 13, 2016 20:31
    Only in fantasy. Vampire life is not romance. This is a constant hunger, you have to hide from the sun, you do not control yourself. And eternity is too long. Will be hunting for a vampire hunters. You will survive all your friends and relatives. In short, a lot of trouble. (All this is taken from literature and films.) By the way, if you know the human anatomy, you should know that a man has an erection due to the filling of the genitals with blood. And how can a vampire have sex if he is dead and blood does not circulate in him? Twilight is a fantasy of the writer and nothing more. Watch the movie "Queen of the Damned", "Interview with the Vampire." This is a classic of the genre.
    Answered on January 9, 2016 04:26

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