• How to become a Vampire Lord?

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    How to become a Vampire Lord?

    Vampirism in Skyrim is a disease that can become infected after being bitten by a vampire. It is called "". For healing, the character is given 72 hours. During this time, you must have time to drink the Potion of Healing Diseases, or use any altar, otherwise you can become a Lord Vampire.

    Become a vampire

    You can become a Lord of the Vampire only if you have the “The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard” installed. In addition to new characters, locations and items, the addition adds to the game line of quests. After its execution, you can turn into a Vampire Lord.

    The line starts with a request from a certain Serana to take her home. When you reach the castle of Valkhikar (the abode of the vampires) with her, you will have the choice: to become a vampire or not. If you give consent and join Harkon in his impetuous desire to destroy the sun, you can transform by casting the “Vampire Lord” spell.

    There are two more ways to transform into a vampire: completing the quest Kindred Judgment or Chasing Echoes.

    Vampire Lord Features

    The form of the Lord of the Vampire has some distinctive features that are worth telling.

    1. The time spent in the image of a vampire is not limited.
    2. Lord Vampire can fly (very quickly) and walk on water (but cannot dive into it).
    3. The Night Vision ability opens regardless of race. It can be used any number of times per game day, even during the stay of the character in the standard form.
    4. Lord Vampire is not experiencing overloads from unbearable weight.
    5. The character in the image will not only be attacked by the city guards, he also runs the risk of running into the Guardians of the Dawn patrol with a special task to eliminate the Lord.
    6. After transformation, it is impossible to quickly move around the map and open inventory. Yes, and the card itself will not open too.
    7. There is a full tree of vampire skills.

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