• How do you become friends?

    Friendship is an important phenomenon in the life of every person. Friends are people who will support you in difficult times and help you out with advice and concrete actions. However, making a new acquaintance and bringing it to a strong friendship is not so easy. In this article we will look at how people become friends, just yesterday, barely familiar, and maybe not at all familiar with each other.

    • Think about why you need to be friends with this particular person. If you are driven by a thirst for profit, then true friendship will not happen, because friendship is basically selfless. Any help that real friends provide to each other is not intended to get reciprocal help.
    • Friends unite not only common hobbies and interests, but also mutual respect and support of each other. To have a good time, enough friendly relations, and a friend will support you when you feel very bad. Accordingly, in order to become friends, you need to demonstrate to a person that you are trustworthy, reliable, you can rely on in difficult times.
    • In order to demonstrate your best qualities, be careful and follow the measure. Friendship is impossible without sincerity and honesty, therefore it is so important to be yourself, not trying to please.
    • Avoid obsession, especially in the initial stages of friendship. Excessive desire to become a friend scares people. Respect the personal space of the person with whom you want to make friends and do not try to spend as much time with him if he himself does not want this at the moment.
    • Share joy and sorrow with your friend. This property distinguishes friendship from friendships. A person will appreciate your support and attention to him in difficult moments of life.
    • One of the barriers that make it difficult to make friends is shyness and timidity. But the ability to communicate still does not guarantee that you will make many friends. Friendship is equally important to listen. If you know how to listen well, hear and understand the words of your interlocutor, if you can successfully keep up the conversation by inserting your own words in time and to the place, then you will definitely find friends.
    • Learn to respect the opinion of another, even if you can not agree with him.This will avoid unpleasant quarrels, capable of ruining even the strongest friendship.
    • Considering how to become best friends, you can not ignore the quality of friends, as the ability to keep confidential information secret. Do not tell others what your friend told you, even if the story doesn't contain secrets.
    • Avoid selfishness. A friend is not your property, he has the right to communicate with other people. Give him the freedom to choose a social circle and then, if he really values you, he will spend more time with you, which will be a truly valuable reward.

    Now you know how to become friends, but keep in mind that establishing friendships is a long and complicated process, do not count on a very quick result. But on the other hand, your patience and hard work for a long time will certainly pay off a hundredfold when you hear from your friend sincere words of appreciation and gratitude addressed to you.

    Finally, I would like to wish you only strong and real friendship, let your friends be few, but they will all be such that you can believe in them as in yourself.

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