• How to become the perfect girl football fan: instructions

    Girls, we all understand. Very soon, the World Cup to be held in Russia. For many of you come hard times. Meeting a football fan is not easy, but if you don’t respect your boyfriend’s hobby, then your chances of spending New Year and Valentine’s Day tend to zero.

    In order for your relationship to be strong and long, we have prepared for you 20 tips on how to become an ideal friend of a football fan. And yes, girls, we know that many of you are well versed in football, so we immediately suggest that you treat the text with humor.

    1. Understand the size of the disaster!

    On the first date it is crucially important to understand how much he is a fan ...

    2. And, of course, the color of the mood.

    Or rather, what kind of team he supports.

    3. We'll have to ... look!

    You must understand that even if you do not understand anything in football, you will still have to watch games with him.

    4.Wear paraphernalia.

    5. And walk to the stadium.

    6. First, you will be shocked by the number of sounds that your faithful can make.

    7. Especially when something bad happens or the referee behaves like ... not a very good person.

    8. So just accept it.

    9. Learn the names of football players.

    You need to know all the players by name. And ideally, the positions in which they play.

    10. But never speak out loud about their appeal.

    Even if it is Cristiano.

    11. Everyone understands that it is impossible to immediately grasp the immensity.

    Prepare that at first you may have problems with abbreviated command names.

    12. Do not pretend that you understand what is "outside the game."

    Although you can see "Play as Beckham." They will explain there that “this is when French mustard should be between teriyaki and sea salt.”

    13. Use the environment

    In general, the stadium is a good place to put out emotions. For example, it seems from the outside that you are shouting something to the judge, but in reality this is a dedication to your boss who has not increased your salary.

    14. Accept that football will greatly influence the mood of your boyfriend.

    Of course, meeting a football fan is a bit tiring,if his team spends not the best season.

    15. And also the fact that football will take all your weekend.

    Indeed, besides the match, there are still various analytical programs, interviews and debriefing.

    16. Holidays will not be exactly like you used to.

    Get ready that on all trips you will visit not only traditional historical sights, but also stadiums.

    17. And not even the stadiums.

    You may have to run around the city and look for a place to watch important matches.

    18. But all this stuff.

    Because you know for sure: although your boyfriend loves football, he still loves you more.

    19. The main thing!

    Never say the phrase "This is just a game."

    20. And a small life hack to help you!

    Everything will be even easier if you watch the first honest series about Russian football - “Out of the Game” on the Super TV channel.

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