• How to behave in testing

    On the eve of testing, do not stay up late, feverishly repeating all the material. Instead, take a walk, take a shower and get enough sleep. The exam is better to have a fresh mind. In no case be late, so you can skip all the important information that is provided at the beginning of the test (it concerns the filling of forms, fonts and other significant points). And besides, the delay will significantly reduce the time allotted for the exam itself.
    During the preliminary part of the test, be as careful as possible. It is necessary to fill in the registration form without errors. If you have any difficulties or questions regarding registration information, you have the right to ask for help. Contact the examiner if there are misprints in the text package, poorly distinguishable letters, or there is no text in the form of the task.
    After you have started the implementation of the practical part, you need to concentrate as much as possible.Try to completely abandon the environment around you and see in front of you only a sheet with tasks. Carefully read each of them to the end. If you feel that the task ahead of you requires too much time to think, proceed to easier questions. So you protect yourself from a situation in which testing is coming to an end, and you, having got stuck on a difficult task, did not even have time to see the others.
    Allocate time to walk through all the tasks twice. The first time, answering simple questions, the second - trying to solve difficult tasks that require much more power. Leave a few minutes to finalize the entire test and correct any errors found.
    When the exact answer is unknown, you can try to find it intuitively. To do this, eliminate in turn those options that do not exactly fit, and select the most likely solution. The sixth sense should not fail, although one should not rely solely on it.
    Do not be upset if you could not answer all the questions. The test is designed for the maximum level of difficulty, so correctly solved tasks may well be enough for a sufficiently high number of points.

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