• How to behave with friends?

    Irina Saprykina
    Irina Saprykina
    January 22, 2015
    How to behave with friends?

    When we face difficulties and trials, we want to get support and understanding, and we are waiting for it first of all from our loved ones and friends. But sometimes conflicts arise instead that threaten the loss of friendships. How to behave with friends correctly so that this does not happen? Help a few effective tips.

    5 tips for strong friendship

    Keep calm

    When a conflict arises and the situation is heating up, it is very easy to succumb to emotions and make a lot of mistakes. In the future, any spoken word may cause new quarrels. Even if only one of the parties is able to maintain calm and thereby reduce the degree of emotionality, the situation will be resolved much faster.

    Do not re-educate friends

    With friends, we want to be ourselves, and we are unlikely to like it if they start re-educating us. Friendly advice, of course, can be given, but only so that it does not sound like a moral. Let it be seen that he is dictated by sincere concern for the welfare of man.

    Show friendliness

    Be positive and friendly in communication. To such interlocutors people are drawn intuitively.

    Do not provoke a situation

    Friends have the right to expect from us that we will take into account their interests. If we know in advance which question or topic is unhealthy for them, we will not approach their discussion too closely. Sparing their feelings, we make it clear how precious they are to us. In turn, this will encourage them to do the same.

    Learn to listen

    Sometimes we are drawn to speak out, and to whom, if not a friend, to tell about the sore. However, it is important for us to be listened to with genuine interest. It is logical to conclude that they are expecting the same from us. Being able to listen, we will find truly loyal friends who will appreciate the precious moments of communication with us.

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