• How to borrow on MTS?

    Natalya Galushko
    Natalya Galushko
    March 22, 2013
    How to borrow on MTS?

    Did the phrase that money run out on your account rang out of the dynamics of your beloved mobile phone right in your ear? Just when you need to end an important conversation? It must have happened. But to get upset, barely having heard such a passionless verdict, it is absolutely not necessary. Operators offer their support, but this assistance is, of course, not free of charge. MTS can also borrow money for conversations. And such an operation is called “Promised Payment”. You ask: "How to borrow on MTS?". And it is possible to order “Promised payment” in several ways.

    • Go to the Internet Assistant on the MTS website and in the “Payment” section order the “Promised Payment” service.
    • You can also call 1113 and, after the operator has answered, make your request.
    • Well, and more. What could be simpler than typing * 111 * 32 # on your mobile? After that, press the call button. All. You have sent your request for a "Promised Payment".

    Money for using the services of MTS is issued for 7 days.The amount you can borrow - 50 rubles. It will be debited from your account when it is replenished.

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