• How to brew yellow tea?

    Anastasia Pavlova
    Anastasia Pavlova
    March 25, 2013
    How to brew yellow tea?

    Egyptian yellow tea today is very popular among people. It is made from the seeds of a plant called fenugreek hay. Also, this plant is called camel grass, Shambhala, Helba.

    This type of tea is very healthy. Therefore, during brewing it is necessary to preserve all its useful properties. How to make yellow tea correctly so that it is not only healthy, but also tasty?

    What you need:

    • The pan is small in size.
    • Tea
    • Sugar
    • Water

    To make tea, it’s not the leaves of the plant that are used, but its seeds, and therefore, it is simply impossible to brew yellow tea in the usual ways. Of course, the seeds can be poured with boiling water and wait, but it is unlikely that the tea will turn out tasty. Therefore, tea from Egypt is prepared according to a specific recipe. He will need to cook. In essence, yellow tea is a decoction of fenugreek plant seeds.


    • The very first thing to do is rinse the seeds well and then let them dry. It will take several days.
    • Then the seeds should be fried and then ground in a coffee grinder or blender.
    • Then pour water into a small saucepan, immediately ground seeds that have been ground there (for 250 ml of water there is 1 teaspoon of tea). You can put "tea leaves" more if you like stronger tea.
    • The mixture is simmered for about ten minutes. Then the tea drink should be immediately poured into cups and drink, as the stale tea loses almost all of its unique properties.
    • Some people like to drink yellow tea with the addition of any other ingredients to taste. For example, you can add to the tea: cream, any berries, ginger, syrup or lemon.

    Now you know how to brew yellow Egyptian tea correctly.

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