• How to buy a Shararam card?

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    How to buy a Shararam card?

    Since so many games for children appeared on the Internet, the creators decided to make them more interesting. Therefore, when children enter one of the toys, they see that real life flows there. In the virtual world, it is necessary to perform various actions, which is very interesting and mysterious. Very exciting is the game of Shararam. Now you will learn how to buy a card in this game.

    Gold coins are used in Shararama, which are called laughter. They can pay for clothes, furniture and other accessories. In order to open yourself access to more diverse and funny things, such as pictures, music and cartoons, you need to buy a card. The creators offer to purchase a card immediately after the transition to the gaming site. If you follow our instructions, you can buy a map of Shararam in the shortest possible time. We will tell you how to buy a Shararam card for real money and do it for free.

    How to buy a card for the game

    1. Go to the site
    2. Click on the menu "Maps", then you will have access to the section "My Maps"
    3. In this section you should choose the validity period of the card - 30, 90 days or a whole year.
    4. The cost ranges from 300 to 1000 rubles, depending on the period of use.
    5. Next, choose a gift to the card (only one of the three).
    6. After this operation, we look at how you can pay:
      • With SMS
      • Pay from piggy bank

    How to pay a card via SMS

    1. Enter the country, phone number and knock out your hundredth communications operator.
    2. After that, your number will receive SMS with the code.
    3. To confirm the payment, enter the number in the reply message and send it to the number 1050.
    4. The number 1050 is sent data for the purchase of the card, which is given for 30 days.

    How to pay a card from the piggy bank

    1. Click on the piggy bank and select the desired function.
    2. We answer the question asked - “yes, I want”
    3. After that, the card is activated and the countdown for the remaining days to use the card will go.

    Frequent problems when buying a card

    1. If the SMS is not sent and the window opens, where it is written that the service is not available, then send an SMS from the SIM card of another operator.Most often, this problem occurs with MTS subscribers.
    2. If the SMS has been sent, but the card has not arrived, and at the same time the money has been written off, then check the correct typing, problems with the service provider or on the website. In any case, you can contact the support service on the website of the game.
    3. If you do not live in Russia and cannot purchase a card for rubles, then write an email to [email protected] and explain the situation. You must help.
    4. On the site are often scammers. They offer to give you a card for free if you give them your game password. Also, fraudsters provide links to sites that allegedly sell cards for Shararam.

    In no case can not agree to such proposals. You just lose your money and no one will help you get it back. The site team warns in advance about such problems and disclaims responsibility for illegal actions by fraudsters. It is strictly forbidden to share your password with anyone other than the project administration.

    You can get a free card only in the form of a gift!

    In order to put rubles in the piggy bank or replenish your account on a cell phone, ask your parents for help.So the probability of being deceived will be many times less.

    You can learn more about how to buy Shararam a card from the video that you find on this page.

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