• How to buy on Amazon.com?

    So, let's talk about how to buy your favorite product on Amazon.com. If you have not registered on the site, then we hasten to correct this mistake. By registering at one of the Amazon sites, you can use your login details for other store sites.

    Step 1: Registration

    In order to register, you must complete the following steps:

    • go to one of the addresses (amazon. com, amazon.de, amazon.fr, etc.);
    • Click the link "Your Account" on the right side;
    • after opening the additional menu, click "Start Here";
    • enter your e-mail in the appropriate field and put a tick in the column "No, I am a new customer", then click on the user registration button;
    • Fill in the questionnaire fields with your personal data in Latin, then click on "Create Account".

    The beat of the drums, the thunder of fanfare - your account is registered. Then you can enter additional information about yourself at your discretion.

    Step 2: Work with the basket

    Now we are waiting for the most interesting, namely the search for the right product in the open spaces of Amazon. To do this, you can use the special field Search (Search) and select the category of interest, view the proposed range.

    On a separate page of each product there is an Add to cart or Add to Shopping Cart button. The absence of such means the absence of goods in stock. It is advantageous to order several items at once, in order not to lose money on delivery. The cost of delivery, as you know, depends on the weight, therefore, ordering, for example, a shirt, you pay for the delivery exactly the same amount as for 5, or even 10 similar things. And the amount will not be too attractive.

    The products are selected, it remains only such a trifle, how to buy everything you have chosen on Amazon and order delivery.

    Step 3: Ordering and Delivery

    • go to your cart by the Cart link at the top of the page. Inspect the contents in order to make sure that everything you ordered is really necessary for you. In case you change your mind with the purchase of a particular product, click on the Save Later button or the known Delete. Pay attention to the numbers in the right corner of the top of the page. This amount determines the total value of your order excluding delivery, so make sure that it does not cloud the mood.
    • go to the registration of the order by using the button "Proceed to checkout".Sometimes the system prompts the user to reauthorize, so you should not be afraid - it is quite natural. Once again, we check the correctness of the address specified in the pro forma, edit it if necessary, and then press the cherished Ship to this address button.
    • select the shipping method in the "Shipping Details" section. There are 3 options: Standard and special international delivery (Standart - 1-2 months, Expedited - 3-4 weeks) and delivery by courier service, which ideally takes several days. Notice that there are 2 blocks: "Group my items" and "I want my items faster". Choosing the first one, we win in money and wait until the entire order is collected at the warehouse, in the second we win in time, but the delivery may cost us more.
    • enter the number of the plastic card, then click "Continue (Continue)"
    • we check the correctness of all the data and confirm our order, which in fact is the happy finish of your shopping.

    Together, we figured out how to buy the goods we need on Amazon. It remains only to recall that shopping at Amazom.com requires an international plastic card from the buyer. Traditional Visa and MasterCard cards are suitable for this.Do not rush to give up purchases if you are not the happy owner of such cards. You can open them in any well-known bank in your city, and the process does not take much time and effort. Happy shopping!

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