• How to bypass the immobilizer?

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    How to bypass the immobilizer?

    Each car owner is concerned about the safety of his "iron horse", so the presence of anti-theft systems is the actual method of protection. The most common car security tools include immobilizers.

    The principle of operation of the immobilizer is to open one or more electrical circuits, as a result of which the car becomes immobile. The owner is recognized when using the chip embedded in the ignition key with the antenna when the ignition is turned on. When this happens, the modules are exchanged and the machine is allowed to start. Immobilizer is installed even in the basic configurations of cars. When you lose the key, you have to look for another way to access the car. There are several ways to bypass the immobilizer.

    Replacing blocks or module

    1. The preparation of a block or module is carried out either by reprogramming the electronic control unit without taking into account the immobilizer, or by programming the chip for the reader using the diagnostic input. Actions are carried out in the presence of special devices;
    2. Mounting the hood lock in case the controller mechanism is under the hood;
    3. Using the cover on the shear bolts when the controller is located in the internal space of the machine.

    Programming a new chip

    1. Transfer of the diagnostic connector to another place;
    2. Change diagnostic connector;
    3. Breaking the tire chain.

    These actions are carried out to extend the time to the angle of road transport. Note: the standard finding of the digital bus is in different places of the machine.

    Motor lock

    1. De-blocking the engine from operation by finding the digital bus;
    2. The withdrawal of regular keys;
    3. Interception of a code of a regular key. The action is to intercept the code, which is the recognition of the system from hacking. Interception of the signal disables blocking and opens up the possibility of car theft.


    1. The establishment of a program that provides access to the system. This computer system works when a car breaks down and removes the security mode, the existing locks and settings;
    2. Re-use the program to enter the system.

    Note: In some brands of the car, disabling the security system is a specific sequence of actions, in some it is tied to a specific car brand.

    Use resistor

    1. Find out the type of resistor key. The most commonly used types of resistors with a run-up resistance from 390 to 11800 ohms;
    2. Choose the most similar resistor, the error must be at least 95%;
    3. Find the place where the VATS wires leave the steering column;
    4. Remotely start the device.

    Note: it does not matter which wire to cut when connecting to the system.

    For a high level of protection of the car will require a lot of costs, it is recommended to install an additional immobilizer complete with hood lock. It must be remembered that a major alteration of the system may entail a violation of the contract on the guarantee for the car.

    Now you know how you can get around the immobilizer yourself without any help.

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