• How to calculate maternity?

    Interested in how to calculate maternity payments? This is not very difficult, just enough to carefully understand the text of our article.

    Method how to calculate maternity

    In the current 2013, the rules for calculating maternity leave have changed. Let's learn more about how to calculate maternity leave in 2013:

    • it will be 140 days if you have one child and the birth was uneventful,
    • 156 days if the delivery was over with complications
    • and 194 days if several children are born.

    How to calculate maternity? Calculator will help you. Yes, prepare a calculator, it will come in handy, the calculations will be simple, the main thing is accuracy.

    The very same maternity leave includes two parts, before childbirth and after. Analyzing the above situations, it is divided in the ratio:

    • 70/70 days
    • 70/86 days
    • 84/110 days respectively.

    It is easy to calculate the 2013 maternity payments yourself. To begin, tell about the main innovation. On January 1, 2013, the law came into force that women who go on maternity leave in 2013 (even at the beginning, at least at the end of the year), receive maternity allowance based on the average salary for the previous 2 calendar years, that is, for 2011 and 2012Earlier, the average earnings for the previous 2 years were taken, starting from the moment of going on maternity leave.

    So, we calculate the size of your average daily earnings: the amount of salaries (plus vacation pay and bonuses) for 2011 and 2012. divide by 731 days. Remember that the average daily earnings can not be less than the minimum wage (170 rubles 89 kopecks). That is, if you did not work, then the value of the minimum wage is taken into account (5205 rubles per month in 2013). Next, multiply the average daily income received by the number of days of maternity leave (140, 156 or 194).

    For example, you should go on maternity leave in June 2013. We begin to count, add up all the income (except for the sick-list) for 2011 and 2012, divide the amount by 731 - we get average daily earnings. If it is less than the minimum wage (170, 89 rubles), then we consider the minimum salary. Multiply the result by 140 (or 156, or 194).

    How to calculate maternity wages

    1. Multiply 5205 rubles (minimum wage in 2013) by 24 months and divide by 731 days. We get 170 rubles 89 kopecks.
    2. 170 rub 89 kopecks multiply by 140 days (if you have so many days will be in the maternity). We get 23924 rubles. 60 kopecks - The minimum payment of maternity allowance in 2013.

    3. We consider the amount monthly, as it can vary, based on the number of days in a particular month. For example, in June, maternity leave was 23 calendar days, in July - 31, in August - 31, in September - 30, in October 25.Then (5205: 30 * 23) + 5205 + 5205 + 5205 + (5205: 31 * 25) = 23803 rubles 08 kop.

    Also, the minimum salary is calculated maternity, if the woman worked less than 6 months. Many people regret the passing of the law in 2013, since it makes no sense to change jobs to a higher paying job after the pregnancy has occurred.

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