• How to calculate the cost of a patent in 2017

    Pay state fees in accordance with Article 1249 of the Civil Code and the Regulation “On Patenting” approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. Consider that for each separate type of intellectual property there are specific sizes of the state duty. If you are filing a patent for an invention, its registration will cost you 1,200 rubles, for an industrial design patent - 600 rubles, and for a patent for a utility model - 600 rubles.
    If you are not a resident of the Russian Federation, then for registrationpatentRF you have to pay several times more. Thus, a patent will cost 5,400 rubles for an invention, 2,700 rubles for a utility model and 2,700 rubles for an industrial design. In addition, remember that for each additional item or formula in the invention you will pay extra from 60 to 810 rubles, depending on the type of property and your affiliation to residents of the Russian Federation.
    Also, when calculating the cost, keep in mind that it also includes the following mandatory services:
    - detailed patent search, which allows to determine whether there are analogues to your invention, and is estimated at 28 thousand rubles;
    - state duties: formal examination of the correctness of the preparation of a set of documents - 1200 rubles; the main examination verifying the uniqueness of the patented invention - 1,800 rubles; registration and issuepatent- 2400 rubles.
    Consider that when making any changes (for example, adjusting the application for an invention), renewing, preparing objections to the conclusion of the examination, issuing duplicatespatentregistration cost may increase. In order to be guided at least by approximate figures, remember that the invention of patents usually costs 40 thousand rubles, the utility model - 35 thousand rubles, and an industrial design - 38 thousand rubles.

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