• How to calculate the percentage of fat

    You will need
    • - tape measure;
    • - calculator;
    • - fat analyzer.
    Counting by volume of the body. There are two formulas for men and for women. Men and women accumulate fat differently, men usually on the abdomen, and women, as a rule, on the abdomen and on the thighs. Male formula: 495 / (1.0324-0.19077 (log (Waist - neck volume)) + 0.15456 (log ( Height))) - 450Women's formula: 495 / (1.29579-0.35004 (log (Waist + Hips-Neck)) + 0.22100 (log (Height)) - 450To measure the waist and hips, do not pull in the stomach and do not exhale Do not tighten the air from the lungs, measure the tape too tightly, but also not too loosely. Waist size is measured in the narrowest place, the volume of the hips - in the most convex place, while keeping your legs together. The volume of the neck is measured at the base, in front of the tape passes through the throat cavity.
    Estimate the ratio of waist and hip. This is a simple way, not giving exact figures, but showing whether you have excess fat. Waist divided by the hips. If the resulting number is greater than 0.8, then you have excess fat, if less -percentfatfine.
    It is better to entrust the following measurement methods to professionals, as the accuracy of the assessment depends on it. The methods described below are carried out in health centers and fitness clubs. The method of measuring the thickness of the skin fold - the most popular. A special tool plucks a fold of skin, the thickness of which is measured by the applied scale. The thickness of the folds is measured in the abdomen, thighs, chest and upper back. Then the data is entered into the computer and a special program is calculatedpercentfat.
    Ultrasound. An ultrasound scan is performed in several areas of the body, since adipose tissue has a different density, and then the total number is calculatedfatin organism.
    BES method (bioelectric resistance): a weak electric current is passed through the body through the electrodes attached to the arms and legs. Adipose tissues do not conduct current, thus it is considered that the faster the current passes through the body, the less it isfat. This method is used in portable devices that resemble scales. This device is called an analyzer.fatand it can be purchased at an affordable price.
    Weighing in water.The measurement is carried out under water in a special chair for 10 seconds. Several approaches are being made, and on the basis of the three maximum results, the result is derived. This is a very time consuming and inconvenient method and is used only for research purposes.

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