• How to call Bulgaria?

    Andrey Semykin
    Andrey Semykin
    August 2, 2012
    How to call Bulgaria?

    For people who are going to rest, the question of how to call to Bulgaria arises quite often. Let's consider the order of dialing when calling to Bulgaria from Russia.

    1. First of all, to reach the international line you need to dial 8-10.
    2. Then, we dial the code of Bulgaria 359.
    3. After that, when you call a landline phone, you need to dial the area code and phone number.

    Here are the phone codes of some Bulgarian cities:

    • Blagoevgrad - 73
    • Veliko Tarnovo - 62
    • Gabrovo - 66
    • Pleven - 64
    • Plovdiv - 32
    • Sofia - 2
    • Yambol - 46

    For example, to call Sofia we dial: 8-10-359-2-ххх ххх, where х is the number of the subscriber.

    When calling from a mobile phone from Russia to mobile in Bulgaria, we dial:

    +359, then the number of the subscriber.

    Important note: Cellular numbers in Bulgaria start from 0, but when dialing from Russia, we do not dial 0. That is, if you were given the cell number 0yyy xxx xxx xx, then from Russia we dial: +359 yyy xxx xxx xx.

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