• How to call to Crimea?

    Irina Kosheleva
    Irina Kosheleva
    August 2, 2012
    How to call to Crimea?

    The sea, the sun, therapeutic mud - all these are attributes of the sunny Crimea. Many people like to spend their summer holidays in the Crimea. But in order to book a room in a sanatorium or in a hotel, rent an apartment from a private trader, you need to know how to call to Crimea, what number you need to dial.

    How to call from a landline

    1. We leave the long-distance network. As a rule, in Russia for this you need to press 8.
    2. We are waiting for the beep, which signals that you are connected to a long-distance network.
    3. Now we leave on the international line. To do this, dial 10 or 00.
    4. We dial the code of Ukraine (38).
    5. Enter the code of the city in which we are going to call. In Crimea, all phone codes start with 065. You can see a detailed list of codes in.
    6. We dial the phone number on which you want to make a call.

    How to call from a mobile phone

    1. Recruit +. This is a mandatory prefix for making international calls.
    2. Enter the code of Ukraine (38).
    3. We dial the code of the city or mobile operator.
    4. We dial the phone number and press the call button.

    That's all - as you can see, nothing complicated! Have a good vacation!

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