• How to care for a cat?

    In your house there was a little miracle - a kitten. Now he will become your friend and an integral part of the family. You should understand that this ball of wool is not a toy at all, but a real one. In the early days it will be difficult for him to be in an unknown situation, he may be sad, look for his mother, his sisters and brothers. Therefore, be more attentive to the new being, both in the first days and in the next.

    How to care for a cat

    1. Affectionate appeal. No need to shout at the cat, you can not scare or beat her. Anything you say to her will be misunderstood. She just harbors fear and resentment, but you won’t get what you want.
    2. Restroom. The most frequent problems associated with cat litter. Remember, cats are too clean, and in order for them to go to the toilet for the right place, you should always keep this place in perfect order. The toilet should be cleaned and filled up clean. Show your pet this toilet and do not despair if he does not first go to it. Be patient. In no case, do not poke the kitten face in a puddle,do not grab him by the scruff of the neck and do not throw them into the toilet with shouts; he will not be able to understand you correctly, but rather he will be frightened and will always go around his toilet.
    3. Disease. Even if you know very well how to care for domestic cats, do not take the treatment yourself. A sick cat cannot be cured with human medicines selected at your discretion. Only the veterinarian chooses the medicine, and therefore, if you notice a strange behavior in an animal, then immediately take it to the veterinary clinic.
    4. Food. A small kitten, which was torn off from the mother's breast, may have difficulty digestion for several days. Store milk kittens are often poorly tolerated, so feed it with cottage cheese and other dairy products. Make all portions small, as your new friend's stomach is still too tiny.

    Do not feed the cat with fish alone, make its diet of such products:

    • Minced spice and salt, beef or calf,
    • A boiled soft-boiled or raw egg once a week
    • Any cereals, except for the Hercules,
    • Raw and boiled vegetables served with meat.
    • Dairy products,
    • Fresh boiled water.

    How to care for a pregnant cat

    How long the cat pregnancy lasts is still unknown. The term is approximately 9 weeks and increases if the kittens are long-haired.

    In the first month, you can hardly understand whether your cat is pregnant, as it will simply put on weight. But there are those who are tormented by morning vomiting. Already by the 35th day begins to increase in the belly.

    Some practical advice

    • Do not make a pregnant cat any vaccinations, do not give her antihelminthic drugs, it will all have a bad effect on the health of mothers and kittens.
    • First, increase the amount of food by 10%, after three weeks - twice, and now starting from the seventh week, the diet should be reduced.
    • Do not overfeed a cat, but properly balance its nutrition, so that it has enough of all the necessary minerals, vitamins, proteins and trace elements.
    • Divide daily meals into 3-5 receptions. You can use ready-made feeds for pregnant cats, just watch them to be premium.
    • If the cat starts constipation, then give it some vegetable oil. It can be canned fish and butter.
    • Make sure that the expectant mother jumps smaller from a height, because in the period of gestation, she becomes not as dexterous as usual.
    • For any questions you are interested in, consult a specialist, he will help you choose the right diet for her and prescribe the right care.

    How to care for a British cat

    British cats usually have not only external beauty, but also good health. It is very important for vaccinations that protect against various diseases.

    First thing you need

    • Toilet tray,
    • Bowl for food,
    • Sleeping area.


    Properly balance the diet of the British. Do not feed him the same that you eat yourself. He cannot eat milk, sausages, sausages, etc. Let's better kefir, quail eggs, low-fat cottage cheese.

    How to care for a Persian cat

    Persian cats have a very beautiful long hair, which requires your special attention. If you decide to bring the Persian to your house, you should know how to comb it and how to comb it.

    How to care for cat fur

    1. Bathing. Every 2-4 weeks, bathe the Persian cat. In particular, this procedure should be done when it starts to fade.

      If you have castrated a cat, then bathing should be done more often to get rid of the secretions of the sebaceous gland.

      Use baby shampoo for your cat, or an adult, but not 2 in 1. It is even better to use a special shampoo for cats from our or American manufacturer.

      Each bath should end with a thorough rinsing of the wool. Completely rinse shampoo with warm water. Then wrap the pet in a towel and blot the coat to remove moisture.

      Make sure that after each swim, the animal is still at least 8 hours in a warm room without drafts.

    2. Combing. Before you start drying, wool must be thoroughly combed. Comb the cat in the direction of hair growth. Continue to comb while drying.

      In order for your Persian's coat to always shine with beauty and health, you need to purchase a special antistatic agent for animals with long hair in order to relieve static stress of the wool. They are easy to use: just spray the product at a distance of 15-20 cm from the wool, and this light cloud will save your cat from rolling and electrified wool.

    Now you know the general rules of how to care for a cat. Health to you and your pets!

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