• How to care for a dog?

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    How to care for a dog?

    If you decide to have a dog, then you must seriously realize that the new pet will be completely dependent on you, that you will be responsible for it. Therefore, it is important to know how to properly care for a dog.

    the washing up

    Since dogs spend a lot of time on the street, the care of these animals, in the first place, includes washing. To wash the dog, you must use special varieties of shampoo. Do not neglect them, because the use of non-specialized pet grooming products deprives the skin of its normal fat content, which leads to dry skin, as well as cracks on it. It is also not recommended to wash the dog often. This can lead to hypertrophy of the fat glands. As a result, there is a dysfunction of the fat glands, which contributes to the development of skin diseases. It is for these reasons that it will be right to wash the dog no more than once every 2 months. Dogs with long decorative wool are allowed to wash 2 times a month, but no more.It is also worth saying that the cost of shampoos for decorative breeds of dogs is quite high, and if you are going to prepare such a dog for the exhibition, then its “cosmetic bag” will most likely cost the owners more expensive than a solid set of cosmetics for a very demanding woman.

    Claw care

    Dogs living at home need regular care for their claws. During the procedure of clipping claws should be extremely careful and attentive, because if the animal is cut off the claws too short, their roots can become inflamed. It is best to use a special device for clipping claws, which will help to avoid cracks and delamination of the nail. Such "kogterezki" sold in all pet stores and are quite inexpensive.

    Haircut and trimming

    It should be said about how to care for a dog with a long coat, such procedures as grooming and trimming are mandatory for them. Grooming dogs is necessary not only to remove dead wool, but also to give a certain shape to the standards of the breed. Trimming is able to provide a uniform growth of the coat, as well as the uniformity of the structure of the coat.Dogs with a long or medium length coat need regular grooming.

    Ear care

    Dogs with thick and shaggy coat require special care for their ears. In such dogs, the hair on the ears should be periodically disassembled, combed and shortened. Sometimes the growth of wool can be observed even inside the ear. In this case, it is necessary to regularly pull out the dead wool from the ear canal. Otherwise, ear blockage and inflammation may occur.

    How to care for a pregnant dog

    A dog during pregnancy is in dire need of good care. First of all, it is necessary to provide her with high-quality and complete nutrition. However, if your dog is not skinny, it is better to limit her diet with cereals. In the first month of pregnancy, the animal must eat normally: morning and evening. The diet must necessarily include cottage cheese, grated vegetables (except cabbage), raw meat, milk porridge, boiled liver. Large dogs can be given 2-3 times a week, a small amount of boneless sea fish. In addition, minerals such as calcium gluconate, calcium glycerophosphate, calcium phosphate in powders and tablets, and vitamins of groups A, B, C, E and D must be added to food.You need to try to walk the dog, as often as possible - at least 2-3 hours a day. However, care should be taken to ensure that the animal does not overwork, and during the cold season it does not overcool. You also need to ensure that the dog led a not too active lifestyle. It should be noted that in the 7th week of pregnancy it is required to take the animal out several times a day, since the number of feedings will increase up to 4 times a day, and besides, the increasing uterus begins to put pressure on the bladder and stomach of the dog.

    How to care for a chihuahua dog

    The Chihuahua is a small dog, a tiny size, which the owners practically do not let go of their hands. But, despite its size and apparent simplicity, caring for this animal requires constant effort. In addition to walks and regular feedings, from time to time it is necessary to conduct “beauty sessions” for your pet, which include the following nuances:

    • During washing, you should carefully monitor that the water does not fall into the ears of a Chihuahua. In addition, you need to apply a very small amount of shampoo, otherwise the animal may appear dandruff.
    • It is necessary to regularly check your pet for the presence of worms and give him preventive means.
    • Do not forget the time to conduct animal vaccinations and vaccinations.
    • Be sure to arrange your pet walks in the fresh air. However, it is worth considering that during the first walks it is not recommended to let the Chihuahua down with her hands, since she will need to get used to the new atmosphere and get comfortable. For walks in the cold season, it is imperative to purchase warm clothes for the pet.

    And most importantly, remember that we are responsible for those who have tamed, treat your dog well, and you will see that there is no more faithful being!

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