• How to care for thuja?

    Thuja - a beautiful plant of the cypress family, which is able to decorate any garden, plot or window sill. If you also decide to choose it for your site, then you need to know how to care for thuja.

    But at first, a little advice for those who have not yet acquired a thuja, but are going to buy it. Choose a plant in a container and always with no signs of drying. There should not be protruding and dry roots, yellow needles. Do not buy thuyu with an open root system. This advice is extremely important, since nothing will save the dried thuyu, it will not take root on you.

    Now, when you know how to choose a plant when buying, let's go directly to the rules of caring for him.

    Thuja: home care

    Tuya is grown both as a home plant and as a street plant. First, let's talk about the first form. At home they grow thuja east.

    Thuja room: care

    1. Lighting is preferable to scattered light or partial shade, protect thuja from direct sunlight. It is better to place the plant on the windows on the north side, in spring and summer create shading.
    2. The temperature is room, in winter time - 6-12 ° С. In summer, you can take it out to the street, but to a cool place.
    3. Watering in the summer is plentiful, in the winter - moderate and only after the top layer dries after the last watering. But the ground for thuja should always be hydrated. Watering is moderate but regular.
    4. Humidity for a thuja is necessary high, therefore in the winter at active work of heating the plant is necessary to spray.
    5. A transplant for a young thuja is once a year, for an adult one every two to three years. Prepare also good drainage. For transplantation of young thuy use this mixture: 2 parts of coniferous soil, 4 parts of leaf, 1 part of sand. For transplanting adults tui: 1 part sod land, 1 part peat, ½ part sand.
    6. Top dressing: fertilizers should be used in the period from May to September; once every three weeks, feed them with fertilizer for conifers.
    7. Reproduction is done by seeds, cuttings and layering. Seeds must first be soaked in water or stratified for 12 hours until they are folded.
    8. The rest of the Tui occurs in the period October-February.

    If you do everything right, then your home will be decorated with home thuja, caring for it will not require much time and effort, the main thing is to observe the necessary standards and terms.

    Thuja western: care

    1. Landing in partial shade, in a place protected from the wind. The best soil for the plant is fertile, moist, loamy. It is important to avoid insufficient moisture and waterlogging. In case of close adherence of groundwater, drainage should be made of 20 cm gravel before planting.
    2. In the first month after planting, abundant, weekly watering and irrigation of the plant crown is necessary. Abundant watering is needed in dry times, for young thujs - twice a week for 1.5-2 buckets per plant. Shallow loosening and mulching with peat, humus or wood chips will also be useful after watering.
    3. Top dressing: during the spring-early summer period, organic and mineral (ash, nitrate) fertilizers should be applied to the root zone.
    4. Seasonal care: in the spring you can form a crown, clean the plant from dry twigs and replant; In winter, you can cover thuy with burlap from winds and frost.

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