• How to catch bream?

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    How to catch bream?


    Bream belongs to the peaceful and calm schooling fish. During the day, the fish most often rests on the deepest parts of the reservoir, and in the late afternoon it comes closer to the shore. Rapid flow bream avoids. The peculiarity of fish is the constant migration in the search for food. So, in one day the bream moves from place to place, but prefers the deepest holes, with a silt bottom. In cloudy and cold weather, the flock may be in shallow water all day, the same behavior is observed during a sharp change in the weather. Bream is a cautious and shy fish, so it avoids a deserted shore, hides in places overgrown with reeds or shrubs.

    Before deciding where to catch bream, it is important to study the relief of the reservoir, since the pits and small backwaters are the favorite places of this fish.

    Catching bream

    There are many ways to catch bream. But each of them begins with bait. It is important to understand that the bait is attracting fish, and not the main food. Indeed, in this case, the bream will be filled with prikormkoy, and generally will not respond to the bait.In addition, the bait should be less attractive than bait, and not have a strong smell.

    The choice of bait for catching bream is huge. You can find in the store ready-made domestic or imported mixtures, use scrap materials, as well as use your own food. As complementary foods, crackers, regular or planning, hemp or sunflower oilcake, millet, corn, peas, and oatmeal are best.

    And, the last thing that is important to remember when using bait - for successful fishing you should lure the fish not in the minute of fishing. If there is such an opportunity, the place should be lured a few days before fishing.


    There are quite a few baits for bream. It is best to use bait of animal origin. For example, red dung or earthworm, maggot, bloodworm, various small larvae. What is better to catch bream depends on the season, the possibilities of the fisherman, the preferences of the fish in a particular reservoir. In addition, the bait can be improved by smell, so that the fish distinguishes it from the lure. To do this, use vegetable or anise oil, good mint or dill.

    Fishermen often wonder what to catch bream in the fall, because at this time of the year the biting is most active, but at the same time, the fish becomes more careful. In the fall, you can use the same bait as at any other time of the year, only the bait should be more abundant. So stick not a single worm, but a whole bunch. Well suited and meat cancer or a large crawl.

    Tackle selection

    Tackle for catching bream, primarily depends on the preferences of the angler, as well as the conditions and place of fishing. You can catch bream on a classic float fishing rod. To do this, it is important to use a sliding load, as well as the most extended leash. But many anglers prefer to catch bream on the bottom fishing tackle. Therefore, the question of how to fish for the bottom of bream is relevant for many fishermen. Remember that the bottom fishing process for catching this fish has several features.

    First, you need to use a self-clinging hook of a large size. And also use carbines to ensure that the leash is not wound. In addition, catching bream from a boat using a donkey is one of the best options, because, as we said, this fish prefers deep places.

    The bream has an excellent sense of smell, therefore, gear cannot be stored in places with the smell of household chemicals. And just before catching it is necessary to lubricate the gear with sunflower or linseed oil.

    How to catch bream on the ring

    Catching bream on a ring is one of the most common ways of fishing this fish. Let's deal with this complicated way.

    For a start, it is important to note that in order to catch the ring you will need a boat. It is better to prefer rubber because it is the quietest of all, and as you remember, the bream is a careful fish.

    Before you begin fishing, you need to stand across the stream on two anchors. After that, be sure to throw a feeder overboard. As a feeder, they usually use a net bag of vegetables, which is filled with food, and then tied to a rope. After this procedure, you can not rush. The fish will not appear immediately, but after the bait blows over.

    The tackle for fishing on the ring is a winter rod, with a fairly stiff nod. Sometimes, you can do without it, and just hold the fishing line in your hand. The ring itself is tied to the line - it is a piece of lead, bent in the form of a ring.On it, as a rule, there is a winding ringlet through which the main line passes. Such a ring sinks to the bottom, ultimately. And the main fishing line is needed in order to attach additional ones to it, with leads, and a hook at the end.

    The bait, which we talked about above, is hooked on hooks. In the future, the process of catching is very similar to the usual fishing Donkey.

    So, I hope that you now know a little more about catching this amazing fish. If you do not have enough of our advice on how to catch bream, video and photo lessons on this type of fishing can be easily found on the Internet. Successful fishing!

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