• How to catch pike in the fall?

    October 28, 2014
    How to catch pike in the fall?

    In different seasons, pike fishing has its own characteristics. So, in the summer, anglers come to the reservoirs in the early morning hours, but catching pike in the fall is best done in the afternoon. Used for this turntables, oscillators, Devons, castmasters and silicone.

    Autumn is considered an excellent time for pike fishing. On the seasonal features of hunting for this predator can be found in the article: When to catch a pike.

    Where to catch pike in the fall

    Shoal, rifts, entrances and exits from the pits are the favorite places for pike hunting in the autumn season. This is due to the fact that these predators are cold-blooded, and when the onset of cold weather, life processes in their bodies slow down, pikes begin to show less activity, their hunt largely consists in waiting in one place for the fry swimming by. Therefore, a good knowledge of the bottom topography is a great opportunity to easily detect fish.

    All about the places of pike fishing can be found in the article: Where to catch pike in the fall, spring and summer.

    How to catch a pike in the fall: the choice of bait

    It is difficult to determine exactly what bait is best to catch pike. This is influenced by many factors: the characteristics of the reservoir, and the fishing hours, and the weather, and the fry that the predator eats. Therefore it is worth stocking up as much as possible a set of baits. However, it is believed that wobblers and turntables have the greatest catch.

    The most important thing to pay attention to is weight and size. The bait should be light, as the catch will occur in shallow water, no less than 12 cm in size, so that it does not become the target of the perch attack. Coloring does not matter, but the ability to play well on water will be a good help.

    More information about the types of gear can be found in our article: What is caught pike.

    The choice of tactics

    More likely to attack the pike outpost will be with frequent changes of fishing places. Features of fishing are described in the article: How to catch a pike.

    In order not to break the spinning, you need to adjust the clutch. Make sure that the fishing line or monofilament are constantly in tight. Before pulling out a fish, you should torture it well, especially if you went fishing alone.Keep away from the reeds and snags, so you can lose both the fish and the bait.

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