• How to cause the spirit of desire?

    March 30, 2015
    How to cause the spirit of desire?

    In order for a wish to come true, it is enough for some people to imagine that it has come true, while others resort to various tricks like appeals to spirits.

    Consider how to cause the spirit of desires.

    Remember two important conditions:

    • For the desire to pay. Usually, the spirit needs in return energy, health, luck. Therefore, if you are deprived of this, then it is better not to call the spirit.
    • You really have to ask for something important. Consider whether you want what you want now, in a few years.

    Procedure for calling the spirit of desires

    Consider for example one simple option.

    1. Remove from the room all light up to clothes.
    2. Put two chairs, stretch the thread between them and tie the candy to the thread. Each sweet will symbolize a particular dream.
    3. Turn off the light and say: "Spirit, the fulfilling desire, come." Then stand with your back to the chairs and do not turn around for a few minutes.
    4. Perhaps you will hear the rustle of candy wrappers. When it is over, you can turn around.If the candy personifying this or that desire is not eaten, alas, it will not come true.

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