• How to change file type?

    When working with various programs that are engaged in the processing of audio, video and graphic information, often there is the problem of changing the file extension. What is it for?

    As a rule, when uploading certain files to the site (for example, a picture for an avatar - images for your profile, or a movie or song to the site "In Contact"), the site system requires that they be loaded in a specific format.

    Similarly, some computer games require downloading music or images in a specific format so that the files are available during the game.

    And finally, there are programs that can work or play only files of a certain type.

    We now turn directly to how to change the file type. These procedures are simple and no special skills will be required from you.

    How to change the file type of a photo and other images

    To do this, it is most convenient to use the program "Paint", which is included in the standard set of programs supplied with Windows.

    • So, open Paint - to do this, go to the "Start" menu, then - "All Programs" - "Standard" - "Paint".It is even more convenient to click directly on the image file with the right mouse button and select the item "Open with" - "Paint" from the drop-down menu.
    • Then everything is simple. Click the top left menu button called "File" and select "Save As", then you will see a window where in the top menu you will have to choose where to save the new file. And in the bottom menu at the top, select the name for the file (you can leave it as it is), and at the bottom - the required extension.
    • After that click "Save" and confirm the save.

    That's all - now you have the same file, but in a different format.

    How to change the file type of video or audio

    This is a somewhat more complicated procedure, but here, too, there are excellent programs that will help you quickly enough (in the case of a small amount of audio or video information) to convert files. One of these converters is a program called "Format Factory". Why precisely she? First, it is free; secondly, its free distribution does not affect the excellent work of this program.

    • Download the program and install it by placing a shortcut on your desktop.
    • Run the program - on the left you will see the menu: "Video", "Audio", "Photo" and some other options that we will not talk about here, since we will not need them.
    • Suppose we need to change the format of the video file from * mkv to * avi. To do this, click on the menu "Video" and select the item "Everything in AVI" - as you can see, here you can translate video into many formats.
    • In the menu that appears, click on the "File" and find the desired. See - he appeared in the central window of the program? Pay attention to the menu "Customize" - there you can adjust the quality of the resulting image.
    • At the bottom select the destination folder. You can choose as desired, you can save the result in the original folder.
    • Now press "OK", and in the main menu on "Start" - find the button with a green triangle at the top.
    • The conversion process is running - you can follow it in the central window, where the completion process will be displayed. As soon as the conversion is completed, you will see the words "Completed" in the progress column.
    • Now click on the file with the right mouse button and select "View file of course" - then the file will start in a new format, or "Open destination folder" - then you will see the file with the new extension.

    As for converting audio files, the process is the same. Open the "Format Factory", click on the menu item "Audio" and choose what format we want to translate our records.After that, we select as many entries as we need in the above way (you can even from different folders) and launch the conversion in the same way.

    Note that the program also supports changing the extensions of graphic files. If you need to change the extension of one image file, then it is better to use Paint, but if you change the extensions on a massive scale, the same Format Factory will help you out a lot.

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