• How to change the language in Photoshop?

    Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful tool for working with raster graphics. In addition to the widest range of tools and tools for image processing, the package can provide functionality for artists. Create your creation in Photoshop - what can be more modern! The program is commercial in nature, for its use will have to pay good creators. But it's worth it, and it's hard to challenge.

    And we are not interested in the issue of acquiring a license. How to make it so convenient to work with the program on the territory of specific states? More precisely, the Russian-speaking countries in our case. Speaking even easier: how to change the language in Photoshop?

    How to change the language in Photoshop CS5

    Russification - this is exactly the name of the program localization process when it comes to focusing on our consumer / user.

    Why choose Photoshop CS5? At the current time, this patch can be considered final, final, that is, the newest.

    In the standard Photoshop interface there is no possibility to change the language to Russian. Moreover, this possibility is not provided.We will have to use ready-made, albeit third-party solutions. There are a lot of Russifier programs, but are they all equally useful?

    We will not risk checking. We tested one of the few freely available crackers. Here is a direct link to download it:.

    Attention! The relevance of the link is the same as that of downloaded content, over time decreases rapidly! We do not take responsibility for all sorts of consequences.

    The archive contains the necessary files and instructions for installing Readme.txt

    How to change the language in Photoshop:

    1. Folder "ru_RU" put in \ ProgramFiles \ Adobe \ Adobe Photoshop CS5 \ Locales
    2. Folder "Photoshop" put in \ ProgramFiles \ Common Files \ Adobe \ Help \ en_RU \
    3. Delete the directories "en_GB" and "en_US" in the appropriate folders.

    We launch Photoshop ... Congratulations, now it looks much more domestic!

    Literal perception

    Not an ounce of sarcasm, not a centimeter of irony. After all, those who ask me how to change the language in Photoshop do not always mean the interface. Keyboard layout. Yes, she is.

    We remind you that in order to change the keyboard layout in Windows (by default!), Just press the Shift + Alt key combination (it doesn’t matter, “right” or “left”). If for some reason you fail to perform this difficult trick, and even "sticking keys" (pressing the Shift key five times imitates its clamping) does not help - it doesn't matter.We move the mouse in the direction of the system tray (where the clock is usually displayed), look for the language bar with the words “Ru” or “En” in most cases, and click with the left mouse button. Done!

    How to change the font language in Photoshop

    In essence, this does not require ANYTHING. The program determines the change in keyboard layout and "forces" the font to be drawn in another language. If this does not happen, for example, in Latin you write the word you are looking for, and when you switch to Cyrillic you get a bunch of unreadable characters or, even better, “windows”, do not worry. With your program, everything is fine, exactly as with a computer.

    The fact is that some (it is fair to say - many) fonts are simply not intended for Cyrillic. Their authors did not foresee this possibility, but we will not blame them for this. I hope this article has helped you understand how to change the language in Photoshop CS5.

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